Hybrids tourists survive after falling into active craters in Hawaii

During a visit to the Hawaii National Volcanic Park, a tourist unfortunately fell into Kīlauea crater, one of the most active volcanoes on Earth.

Falling from a height of 90 meters, luckily he survived to recount this 1-0-2 story. Determined to be a soldier, the 32-year-old traveler is currently in a stable state, but the fall will still leave his legacy and unforgettable psychological shock.

Kilauea is the youngest volcano and ranks first in the geological survey of the United States.

At about 6.30pm on May 1, this man fell over his feet and lost his balance while climbing over the safety fence at Steaming Bluff. He said it was because he wanted to take a closer look at the mountain.

At 9 pm on the same day, after 2 and a half hours, people found him in a bad situation. He fell from a height of 90 meters and fell to a 20-meter wide, half-stone cliff. Immediately, the rescue team used ropes and stretchers to take him out of the danger area to Hilo Hospital for emergency.

Kĩlauea, located in Southeastern Hawaii, is the youngest volcano and ranks first in the United States 'most active and active volcanic geological survey ' .

Mount Kilauea.

This area has happened countless volcanic eruptions throughout the 19th and early 20th centuries, and then they have been less active. Then, since 1983, volcanoes have been continuously operating, in parallel with the eastern Rift area.

Fortunately, no volcano erupted last week. During the past eight months, Hawaii has been fortunate to have low levels of geological, geological, and emissions activities.

The previous year was different, the number of times volcanoes worked too much. In just 1 month, 113,500,000 cubic meters of lava were formed, equivalent to 45,500 Olympic-sized large swimming pools. This volume is enough to bury the whole city of Manhattan 2 meters deep, immersed in lava.

This phenomenon has created many baby islands, new beaches, and a separate weather area in the volcanic, cloudy and thunderstorm areas.

Sheriff John Broward said: "Visitors should never cross safety barriers, especially when dangerous and unstable cliff edges. Ignore safety instructions and enter the area. The danger can lead to injury and even death. "

So what do we learn from the story of this soldier?Never ignore the safety rules! Some people died when trying to break such laws.

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