Life had before Earth formed 5.5 billion years

2 geneticists have recently applied Moore *** law to calculate life expectancy. The result they obtained was: life could exist before Earth was formed.

Moore's Law observes the level of increase in computer complexity. If you apply this law to the complexity of computers in the last few years, you will have the starting point of the computer in the 1960s, the same time that the first electronic chip was born.

According to calculations when applying Moore's Law, life appeared 10 billion years ago.

Two geneticists, Alexei Sharov of the National Institute of Gerontology Baltimore, Maryland, USA and Richard Gordon, a marine biologist, at the Gulf Marine Laboratory, Florida, USA, have replaced transistors with nucleotides, synthesizers for DNA and RNA, fragments with gene segments and calculations.

The result is that life appeared 10 billion years ago, much earlier than the Earth's calculated age of 4.5 billion years.

Sharov and Gordon argue that the possibility of life existed before the Earth's formation was completely grounded. When the solar system is being formed, latent bacteria such as organic compounds, or simply nucleotides from some part of the galaxy, may have 'arrived' on Earth in comets, meteorite or cosmic dust

These calculations are not necessarily proofs of pre-Earth life because we do not know whether the complexity in these organic organizations develops at a steady rate.

If genes are complicated at a steady rate, the development of alien life forms in the galaxy can be quite similar to humans.

*** "The number of transistors per square inch will double after 2 years".(1 square inch is approximately 6.45 cm²'- Moore's law.)