Life began on Earth 3 billion years ago

A recent study by Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) scientists, published December 19 in the journal Nature, suggests that life on Earth began around 3 billion years ago when The first creatures developed the ability to absorb energy from sunlight.

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MIT scientists have built a set of " gene fossils " based on a mathematical model with a collection of 1,000 major genes today and calculated how they evolved away from Such past.

Research has shown that the genome is a collection of all species thought to live 3.3 to 2.8 billion years and during this time 27% of the existing gene groups have now emerged.

Researchers Eric Alm and Lawrence David said major genetic changes may have occurred in a biochemical development process called modern electron transformation. This is an important biochemical process, with the movement of electrons inside the cell membrane.

It mainly occurs in plants and certain species of bacteria, making them capable of absorbing energy from the Sun through photosynthesis and producing oxygen.

This great change process, for Eric Alm and Lawrence David for the name " Ancient expansion ," has led to a phenomenon that occurred about 500 million years later, known as " The Great War. " oxidation ", when the atmosphere of the Earth" filled "in oxygen.

Scientists claim that the " Great Oxidation " may be the biggest change in Earth's history, with ancient organisms and microorganisms not breathing in oxygen replaced by a generation of Organisms have oxygen uptake, bigger and smarter.

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