The Earth can form from small stones

The new study by Swedish scientists shows that asteroids are formed from small circular particles under the effect of magnetic fields and that the Earth may also form from this structure.

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The meteorite that falls to Earth is made up of small millimeter-sized round stones called chondrule , which are thought to be the origin of the solar system. According to Lund University team, the Earth may also form from chondrule.

Picture 1 of The Earth can form from small stones
Asteroids begin to form in small size, made of chondrule and Earth can also form from these small stones.(Artwork: NASA)

Professor Anders Johansen and experts from the US, Denmark and Germany developed a computer model, simulating the process of forming asteroids and arguing that they formed from small size in the cosmic region including particles .

According to the simulation, asteroids grow rapidly and continuously to a diameter of 1,000 km. The largest asteroid continues to expand in size until its mass is equal to that of Mars, equal to one-tenth of the Earth's mass.

Previously, the research community believed that Earth was formed by collisions between protoplanets, the size of Mars, over the course of 100,000 years.

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