The US Navy has confirmed many clips of the UFO

Many videos of unidentified objects in the sky have been confirmed as true by the US Navy. These videos should not have been published.

The US Navy has officially confirmed the accuracy of 3 footage of strange objects in the sky. These are videos that have been circulating on the Internet for the past few years.

"The navy calls the objects seen in the footage unidentified air phenomena , " Joseph Gradisher, a spokesman for the US Naval Warfare Office, told Black Vault.

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The video shows a U.S. naval pilot encountering an unidentified flying object in 2014. (Image: NY Times)

According to the Huffington Post, the US military does not want to refer to these objects as Unidentified Flying Objects (UFOs) , but instead uses the word Unidentified Aerial Phenomenon (UAP) . Gradisher explained that UAP is "a basic description of seeing and observing an unidentified flying object entering the airspace of a military training area".

Black Vault also said the videos are not "classified", but have not been allowed for public release.

In 2017, many major newspapers such as the Washington Post or the New York Times released videos of mysterious flying objects. The video was released by media research and research firm Tom DeLonge, a former rock band member Blink 182.

In the videos, US Navy pilots have been following the flying object in the eastern airspace of the United States.

"Oh. What is it. Look at what is flying," a pilot said in the clip.

In another video, the object is shaped like a candy and was called "Tic Tac " lowered to an altitude of more than 18 km in a flash on the California coast in 2004. The pilot described the vibration created on the face The sea is about the size of a football field.

The final video was a 2014 incident, when a U.S. Navy pilot almost collided with an object flying near Virginia.

Although the US Department of Defense has not yet spoken out about the information, Luis Elizondo, a former intelligence official who headed the US government's UFO research program, confirmed that many other confidential information had not been released.

"I believe there is a lot of compelling evidence that we are not alone in the universe," Elizondo told CNN in 2017.

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