Vietnam owns the best chocolate in the world

Referring to chocolate, many of us will think of expensive and expensive products from other countries such as Belgium, America and Japan. However, few people know that in Vietnam, there is a chocolate that makes the whole world praise!

For hundreds of years, chocolate has been the basic ingredient in many kinds of cakes, candies, ice cream biscuits, cakes . all over the world. This is also one of the most favorite flavors of billions of people.

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Marou Chocolate.

Referring to this dish, many of us will immediately think of Belgium - the mecca of chocolate, where most of the most famous chocolate brands in the world or countries with the food industry thrive as USA, Japan, Korea . However, few people expect to live in Vietnam, there is a type of chocolate that makes the whole world brusque and hunt for it. It is Marou - the type of chocolate that has been evaluated by the New York Times magazine as the most delicious and refined in the world, highly appreciated by many international experts, becoming one of the most sought after chocolates.

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Chocolate is the basic ingredient in many kinds of cakes, candy, ice cream biscuits, sweet cakes .

News website interviewed a Japanese named Naoko Otsuka about Marou and she said: "Although the price of this chocolate is quite high, I have eaten it many times and its quality is absolutely worth it. For me, this Marou chocolate is not simply a snack, but its quality has reached the level of quintessence. I buy 6 different types of Marou chocolate, made from the origin of cocoa. from many regions in Vietnam, to be able to feel more clearly the difference ". According to Otsuka, before she knew about this type of Vietnamese chocolate , she had never known that chocolate could have different flavors thanks to the cocoa beans produced they were grown in separate areas.

According to Bloomberg, Marou's impressive growth demonstrates that consumers are increasingly demanding more about product origin, according to a retail market expert at Marex Spectron in London, Mr. Jonathan Parkman.

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The Marou brand was founded by two owners, Samuel Maruta and Vincent Mourou.

The Marou brand was founded by two owners, Samuel Maruta and Vincent Mourou. One is a banker, the other is an advertising professional who accidentally meets in Vietnam. They are different in everything but possess the same endless passion, which is love for cocoa.

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Two men make the world's top chocolate brand.

Together, they both traveled all the way to Vietnam with the desire to find the best cocoa. And it doesn't matter who you are, Samuel and Vincent later met a longtime cocoa farmer, Mr. Duc. Thanks to his experience and dedication, Mr. Duc always distributed quality cocoa. Wishing to create high-end products, bearing local imprints and do not want to stop at selling cocoa alone - they all joined hands to create Marou - the premium chocolate that resonates throughout world.

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The processing factory is small but produces products with great attraction.

Surely, it is doubtful that this type of chocolate is considered to be the most refined and scrumptious, which is produced in a small garage located in Ho Chi Minh City, while the production process is mostly manual. Another interesting thing is that all the nuts used here are hand-picked and they come from the small band of an island in the area of ​​Tan Phu Dong, the Mekong Delta.

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Roasting cocoa beans.

All are carefully selected and filtered and peeled and processed manually. Then put in the stirrer and run for 48 hours. Finally a chocolate expert poured into the forming mold, knocked out all the bubbles and finished products were packed by hand.

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Products are meticulously wrapped before reaching customers.

Holding the chocolate bar is produced carefully, carefully, so it is still wrapped in elegant and luxurious packaging that makes people just know about it. The value of this product is not only the titles, compliments but also the spiritual values ​​- it is the combination of love with chocolate, cocoa, devotion to career and respect for customers. absolute.

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Luxurious and printed Vietnamese packaging makes anyone feel proud when holding it.

It is known that each day this small processing factory produces 100kg of chocolate and exports to many countries and regions such as North America, Australia, Korea, Japan, Europe . Each importing country and each province of origin has a separate banner with different colors like red, green, yellow, blue .

Not only at the chocolate production, not long ago, Marou went on to launch a café and shop called Maison Marou. Coming to this café, you will taste and see firsthand how the world-class chocolate bar production process was recognized by the British Chocolate Academy in 2013. Inside the shop there is a big cocoa roasting machine so anyone can imagine what the first step in producing Marou chocolate will be. Besides, the staff, experts or even two bosses are always present at the bar and happily share the secrets and stories around these special chocolate bars.

The story of a small chocolate that contains a hard and painful journey once again makes us feel inspired. Heaven does not spare people, start working, then one day all the effort that you spend will be fully compensated. Just believe it!