12 most mysterious religious phenomena in history

Mysterious religious phenomena are still challenging the scientific world so far. There are many different religions in the world and each religion contains mysterious and mysterious phenomena that go far beyond the laws of nature that challenge scientists around the world. Let's take a look at the mysterious phenomena through the article below.

With the excellence of science, many of the strange things have been given scientific explanations. However, no matter what level of science thrives, there are still many extraordinary events that still cannot get the answer, and the belief in the occult event continues .

Here are some of the most mysterious and mysterious God phenomenon in history:

01. Turin shroud

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The Turin Shroud is one of the most famous relics in history. This shroud is said to be the burial of the Lord Jesus , and the face of the Lord is printed. Early research indicated that some parts of the shroud were from the Middle Ages, which meant that this was just a fake. However, according to recent studies, this shroud was in the period between 280 BC and 220 AD and was also the time of the Lord's life.

02. The body does not rot

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Many of the saints after their death, their bodies were not only rotten but also gave off a very sweet, aromatic plant scent, and this is said to be a sign of sacredness . Typically, St. Bernadette Soubirous , died in 1879 until 1909, a bishop unearthed her body, and discovered that the body of the saint was completely rotten. Currently, St. Bernadette Soubirous is on display at the church of St. Bernadette in France.

03. Virgin Mary

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In 1988, the people in Zeitoun County (Cairo, Egypt) saw a shining figure of a woman walking on the church roof. Many people believe that this is the presence of Mary . This event was even captured by viewers. And so far no evidence has been found that these photos have been edited.

04. The statue cries

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In 1973, a small statue in the Akita Church (Japan) bleed soon after the nun Agnes Sasagawa in the church saw the appearance of the Virgin. The statue continued to sweat and bleed for a few years later, and was even featured on television. Agnes, a deaf priest, 10 years after meeting the Virgin, can be heard as normal people.

This strange phenomenon does not only appear in Japan. A drawing of Jesus at the church in Bethlehem (Palestine), where God was born, often cried blood.

05. Mysterious wound

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Many people over the past hundred years have affirmed that they have been engraved with the Lord's seal (the sign of God's crucifixion, which is believed by some devotees to appear on them). This phenomenon began to appear from the time of St. Francis (1186 - 1226), and since then many other saints have been engraved with Christ. Typically, the case of blood flowing on the hands of Saint Pio (1887 - 1968), however, many people believe that St. Pio injured himself with acid.

06. Aerial suspension

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The story recounts that in the 1600s, St. Joseph had repeatedly fallen into a coma and floated above and beyond the crowd. He experienced this state once in front of Pope Urban VIII. Therefore, this mysterious character becomes the guardian god for pilots, astronauts, and air travelers in general. However, now science thinks that the status of St Joseph's aerial suspension is nothing more than an illusion of people.

07. Blood vial

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St. Januarius

The Church of Naples (Italy) hides a vial of blood from the time of Januarius . Januarius's blood was retained by a woman named Eusebia after his death.

Blood in vials is almost dry all year. However, on three days: September 19, December 16 and the seventh day before the first Sunday of May (all the memorial days of the life of St. Januarius), the blood in the jar turns itself into liquid. mysteriously.

08. The painting of Mary

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In 1531, a farmer named Juan Diego claimed to have seen the Virgin Mary in a field near Mexico City, asking him to build a Church of Our Lady and pick flowers on the hillside.

This man did the advice, picked flowers and put on his coat. Later, this cloak was discovered hiding the imprint of Our Lady of Mary. The strange thing is that no one has ever explained the picture in the coat painted or painted with any other material, because up until now, the painting of the Virgin is still intact and never faded away.

09. Solar event in 1917

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In 1917, sheep shepherds in Fatima recounted that the Virgin Mary appeared and told them that a strange event would occur on October 13 of that year. Thousands of people came to watch, and the media at that time also posted a lot of news about this phenomenon.

Around noon of a rainy day, the sun appeared as a plate, and turned in a spiral-like fashion toward the earth.

By 1930, the church association officially recognized the solar event in 1917 as a sacred phenomenon . However, skeptical scientists have always assumed that it was just an ordinary light appearing around the sun, and pointed out that not everyone on that day could see this phenomenon.

10. Revelation

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In 1981, in a small town called Medjugorje , located in what is now Bosnia, six children are believed to have seen the appearance of the Virgin Mary. Throughout the years, they all received strange messages every day, and until now, they have received thousands of prophecies.

One of the predictions says that 'There are 10 secrets that will reveal the end of the world.'

In 2010, the Vatican had to open an investigation of this, but to date, the results of the investigation have not been published with public opinion.

11. Two clear footprints at a temple

At a temple in Dong Nhan district, Qinghai province, two clear footprints were found on a piece of wood. Locals believe that this footstep is saved by a devout believer, who has been sincerely praying here for decades.

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Mysterious phenomenon appears in China.Illustration

12. Christian Cardinal John WU Cheng-Chung accurately predicts his death date

Cardinal John Wu passed away at 6:00 on September 23, 2002 at Queen Mary Hospital, leaving at age 77. Wu Cheng Chung suffered from bone marrow cancer. Retired Father Tran Tu An presided over the Mass revealed an incident about Cardinal Ho when he was alive.

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He mentioned that the Cardinal once told his colleagues, alluding to the Bishops Francis Hsu, and Hong-Ji Li of Hong Kong that, before the period from May 23 to July 23 he will die due to illness, in the order that arranged, he may die on September 23.

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