The mysterious events to shudder are real but there is no solution

In the world there are many mysterious events shudder related to demons, aliens, supernatural phenomena . but so far no one has explained .

1. Devil's footprint

This mysterious event occurred in East Devon, England in February 1855. This is one of the mysteries that shudders without a solution. After heavy snowfall, people discovered footprints on white snow.These mysterious footprints appear on a long straight line and go in a single direction. This mysterious footprint appears in many places from the roof, water pipes, walls to the haystack. Some footprints stop in the wilderness and mysteriously disappear.

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"Devil's footprint" appeared in the UK causing a stir in a time.

By 2009, people discovered " footprints of demons" appeared on the snow. Many assumptions are made to explain this phenomenon . Accordingly, some people believe that "the footprint of the devil " is the "product" of people who like to joke around, tease people. Some guests speculate on the strange footprints of the devil.

2. Mysterious accident in Dyatlov Pass

In 1959, 9 young students went skiing during the holiday in the Ural Mountains, Russia had a mysterious accident, one did not return. This group of 9 students left their tent at midnight but didn't wear socks, skates or warm clothes. They went out for a walk in the cold weather.

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The scene discovered the bodies of two students who died mysteriously while climbing the mountain.

It was found that the bodies of two students died of the first hypothermia next to a tree. They died in a posture trying to climb the tree. A week later, the body of seven people was found. However, the strange thing is that the victims' bodies have mysterious injuries such as someone who has broken his head, who lost his tongue, who was buried in white snow .

This catastrophic accident has led investigators to search for clues but still have not found the cause of the incident. This story has become a great mystery. The place where these nine students set up tents before their death was named 'Dyatlov Pass'.

3. The Kelly-Hopkinsville visit of aliens

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Some witnesses say aliens visited Kelly-Hopkinsville in 1955.

In 1955, the people of Kentucky and America fluttered about alien visits to Kelly-Hopkinsville. Many witnesses including state police, local police reported to authorities seeing aliens.

According to witnesses, aliens are 0.9 meters tall, pointed ears, long nails, thin legs and arms. These creatures beyond this Earth are silver. Although not entering the house, aliens appeared in windows and doors causing panic among the family members. They immediately fled and called the police. Since there is no authentic evidence, so far this is still a big mystery that treats humankind whether aliens really exist.

Vampires at Atlas

Lilly Lindestrom is a divorced 32-year-old woman living in Stockholm in the 1930s. She lives in a small apartment and is a prostitute. On May 1, 1932, she was planning to celebrate the Labor Day with her friend Minnie Jansson, a 35-year-old woman living in the same building and doing the same job. Lilly is nicknamed " call girl" because she is the only person in the building who has a phone.

Lilly received a call from a prospect, asking if he could come to her. Lilly agrees, so Minnie returns. Minnie only saw her friend alive for a short time that day, when Lilly went to borrow condoms. A few hours later, when Minnie knocked on Lilly's door, no one answered. Minnie thought maybe Lilly went to celebrate Labor Day with the client man.

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Lilly Lindestrom was found murdered in his house (Photo: Getty Images)

It was not until three days later that the police reported it. When they broke the door, Lilly lay face down on the bed, naked, with a condom still in the anus. She was killed with three blows on the head with a blunt object. Her clothes were neatly arranged right next to her.

There are many other confusing things related to the murder. In the room there is a big bloody ladle. Further investigations revealed that blood was from Lilly's body, and the killer used the ladle to drink blood . Despite the authorities' efforts, details of the murder still leaked out, and the local press called the killer the Atlas of Vampires , which Lilly lived in.

Eight of Lilly's customers were investigated, but no one was a suspect. Minnie did not recognize the voice on the phone she had heard, but said the man was gentle and polite. There are no fingerprints or suspicious things left at the crime scene. One theory says the murderer may be a police officer who beat Lilly with batons and knows how to hide the crime. Anyway, the killer forever is a mystery.

"Blue" Children in Woolpit

In the 12th century, it was found that two children in Suffolk, England , had monstrous blue skin and thought they were aliens.

According to the historian William in Newburgh, England, both children were found in front of a wolf cave entrance during the harvest season. These children do not speak any language, their skin is blue and dressed very differently.

What shocked everyone was that the children did not eat any food for many days, until people gave them beans. Thanks to pea, these two strange babies have lived for a few more months, until they practice eating bread. After being baptized for a short time, the boy died, and the girl grew up and lost her green color and began learning English.

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The origin of blue-skinned children still has many mysteries.

The girl then explained that she and her brother came from an island without sunlight , only very dim light sources. Many people believe that two children come from St. Island. Martin - an island all green. She could not understand why she and her brother were lost in this island. The girl was later given the name Agnes and took a royal member named Richard Barre.

There are many explanations given to explain this phenomenon. Some argue that these "green" children come from some secret world , connecting us with a wolf cave , while others think that the wolf cave is a door to a parallel universe. Many people believe that two children who are aliens , have accidentally strayed to our planet.

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The most appropriate theory is as follows: this incident took place in 1173, during the reign of King Henry II . This time, Henry II ordered the hanging of Dutch immigrants and a series of battles took place. The creator of this theory, scholar Paul Harris, argued that these children lived in Forrnham St. Martin , a small village not far from Woolpit. After the village was devastated and their parents were killed, two children drifted to Thetford forest and lived here without enough food. Therefore, they have anemia. This is the cause of blue pigmentation on their skin. These children may have heard the bell at Bury St. Graves and lost in a passage of flint mines, dating from the Stone Age, about 4,000 years ago.

This is why, when discovered, the British people think they are alien creatures.

However, what is the truth behind this phenomenon, is still an open question for us.

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