Have seen aliens on the moon?

So far, no one has ever explained what the object astronauts see outside the ' Apollo - 11 ' ship in 1969. Are these flying saucers?

Foreign alien objects

The British Channel ' Channel Five ' is planning to broadcast a documentary titled ' Apollo-11: untold story ' on the occasion of the 37th anniversary of the arrival of humans on the Moon.

In late July 1969, three American astronauts Neil Armstrong, Buzz Aldrin and Michael Collins safely returned to Earth after landing a successful " Apollo - 11 " ship on the surface of the Moon. Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin went for a walk on the Moon's surface and Michael Collins stayed on the ship.

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Seems like the movie will make many people bother. But those who like strange things will definitely enjoy Buzz Aldrin's acknowledgment.

He will tell a lot of TV viewers about things that are not really told. Specifically, he will tell about the mysterious phenomenon he himself saw with his friend Neil Armstrong.

Of course, the world has long been spreading rumors about the " alien ship " that astronauts seem to have seen next to the ' Eagle ' landing module as well as the light. brightly emitted from the mouth of the nearby volcano. But these rumors are based on random information obtained from exchanges between astronauts.

However, in the documentary about to be broadcast, we will hear the main responses of Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin. They exchanged talks with the command post on the ground.

Those sayings have spread throughout the world, great like this: ' Who are they? Who are they? Can you tell us who they are? Lord, people will not believe us to lose. We are here, everything is fine, but we have visitors. I would like to tell you that there are other spacecraft here, all of which are lined up around the crater '.

So if based on those sentences, the first people who set foot on the Moon actually saw strange alien objects.

'We are afraid of flight suspension'

But there are other sayings too. These sayings were heard by millions of people following the screen of the flight of ' Apollo –11 ' - 37 years ago. NASA space agency has conducted a live report of the landings on the Moon.

- S - Where is IVB? - Space astronauts ask for a command post on the Ground. (They asked about S - IVB - the third missile layer, which was supposed to direct the ship towards the Moon and then fall to the surface of the Moon).

- S - IVB is at a distance of 11 thousand kilometers - The land answers.

At first glance it can be thought that astronauts just want more information to better orient their position in the vast space of the universe. But in fact it is not.

- Through the ship window we saw a large object not far from us - now Buzz Aldrin recounted. - It has a cradle-like shape and moves in an ellipse orbit. Collins decided to take a closer look through the telescope. And absolutely correct - that is not our Earth's ship.

After the above answer of the Earth, the more clearly it is not S-IV. So what is that object?

Astronauts decided not to tell the Earth about their observations, but only after returning to Earth, in a secret meeting. Why do they behave like that? Buzz Aldrin replied:

- What do we do at that time? Maybe it would be like to say, ' Hey guys, there's something moving a little distance away from us, but you don't know what's going on under the Earth? '. At that time, we were afraid that someone might ask us to suspend our flight. Therefore, we decided to ask only where S - IVB is at that time.

So the fear of the suspended flight caused Buzz Aldrin and his friends not to inform the Earth of the truth at the time.

The president knows all

After returning from Earth to the Moon, astronauts were welcomed by US President Richard Nixon on the aircraft carrier ' Hornet '. They told the President and the flight leader. But NASA decided not to publish that information.

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Dr. David Baker (then one of the key commanders to the Moon) explained: The NASA leadership is afraid of being ridiculed by everyone and thus forcing astronauts to commit to being silent. He said:

- Many NASA experts believe it is true that there are alien alien objects (flying saucers). That is the main reason why NASA started implementing a more stringent security regime.

And he added:

- So far no one has ever explained what the object astronauts see outside the ' Apollo - 11 ' ship. But it was obvious that such " encounters " had occurred right from the first flights to orbit: Many crews met strange objects.

The film rolls take the flying disc away

Documentary filmmakers learned that astronauts captured the flying saucer on the Moon. But on the footage published, there were no traces of ' alien ships ' that Buzz Aldrin and Neil Armstrong had ever asked the Earth:' Who are they? '

Unfortunately, the film's authors have not clarified everything and therefore still let the audience doubt. That's because there are no details in the film about what astronauts saw next to the crater near the ' Apollo - 11 ' ship.

The reason is because of the 700 film rolls stored in the US national archive, 698 scrolls have mysteriously disappeared. That means there are only 2 film rolls left. But even these 2 films are not seen by the original.

The only projector suitable for that type of film has also disappeared from the ' Goddard Flight Center's Data Evaluation Lab ' laboratory at the time of this dissolution of the laboratory.

Vu Viet

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