The CIA reveals the mystery of Soviet attack on aliens

In the newly exploited file supposedly by the KGB Secret Service (Russia), the CIA revealed an unexpected conflict that had been hidden between Soviet soldiers and UFOs during the Cold War.

The CIA declassified document clearly describes the incident. Specifically, a collision between 'red, green and yellow flying saucers hovering over the Soviet base of the Antarctic military base'.

This confidential document itself was also revealed by former Soviet President Mikhail Gorbachev in 1991. Even Mikhail Gorbachev revealed "UFO exists and it needs to be taken seriously".

Picture 1 of The CIA reveals the mystery of Soviet attack on aliens
The CIA just released a declassified document about a collision between the Soviet Union and the aliens.

However, the CIA documents collected are much more detailed. 250 pages of CIA documents obtained very well about the clash between UFOs and a military unit in Siberia.

According to the document described again, a spaceship unexpectedly flew at a low level in the form of a disc appearing on the head of a military unit that was carrying out planned exercises.

One shot hit UFO. Soon the flying saucer was shot down. After falling to the ground, a group of 5 aliens with low stature but big heads, big black eyes appeared.

Leaving the wreckage of the flying saucer, those approaching each other and then 'merging into a single spherical object'. This object began to vibrate and hiss loudly, then turned into a bright halo. In just a few seconds, the sphere glows like a light explosion. As a result, 23 soldiers were . turned into stone. Only two soldiers standing in the shade were escaping.

Soon after, according to the KGB report, all the ruins of the flying saucer and the stone-turned bodies of soldiers were taken to a secret science research facility near Moscow for clarification.

The incident was temporarily not revealed by the CIA. However, this information has made the community specialize in hunting UFOs worldwide and is hoping that the CIA information is completely accurate.

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