Shock: The truth about aliens in Region 51 is exposed

A man who claims to work on the mysterious spaceship in the desert of America has just decided to break the silence for more than 30 years to reveal the truth about the existence of aliens in the area. this area.

According to the Daily Stars, Bob Lazar , who claimed to be an engineer on the spaceship in Region 51, revealed the secret he had buried for decades to tell the world.

In fact, before that, the supplier of scientific equipment for a secret test area in Region 51 revealed the existence of Region 51 with the help of journalist George Knapp but after that, he completely silent.

Picture 1 of Shock: The truth about aliens in Region 51 is exposed
The man named Bob Lazar first revealed the truth about aliens in the mysterious Region 51 of America.

At the time, Bob said, he worked at a secret facility called S-4 in Region 51 but did not reveal anything more.

Now, Bob decided to allow filmmaker investigation Jeremy Corbell to produce a documentary about his story.

"This is the most unexpected alien spaceship (UFO) story of all time. This is the first time he tells the full story of the shocking world. In the movie, Bob has "He's completely open about his life. He's telling the truth. He hasn't done it before , " Daily Star quoted Jeremy, who runs Extraordinary website Beliefs.

The 41-year-old filmmaker stressed the documentary could make the US government "sweat".

"If Bob Lazar tells the truth, it will have huge implications. He told us that he studied an alien spaceship motion system for the US military. The government kept this secret to the public, " Jeremy said, saying he was eagerly awaiting public reactions around the world.

With doubts about the authenticity of the story, Jeremy confidently stressed: "My movie will help you really understand Bob Lazar. This will make silver trying to refute his story become more and more "The more difficult you are. The more you know about Bob Lazar, the more you will believe what he says is true. You look at the evidence, you watch my movie and you will make decisions for yourself."

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