15,000 scientists warn of threats to humanity

15,000 scientists around the world signed the report warning of the dangers facing the Earth.

The lives of people around the world will be seriously threatened if humans do not take measures to reverse the environmental harms , according to a report published in BioScience magazine signed by 15,000 scientists from 184 countries, International Business Times reported.

Picture 1 of 15,000 scientists warn of threats to humanity
The resources on Earth are running out.(Photo: Tree Hugger).

The report is titled "Warning by World Scientists for Humanity: Second Announcement" , emphasizing the current major trends such as global warming, deforestation, reducing freshwater resources, and Extinction of many different species and population increase, progressing in a bad direction since 1992.

"Scientists are analyzing data and looking at the long-term consequences. These second warning signatories are not only alarming. They are stating clear signs that we are moving ahead." We hope the report will spark a broad debate in the community about the global environment and climate , " said William Ripple, professor at the Forestry University in Oregon, USA. in the authors of the report, share.

The report is based on data from government agencies, nonprofit organizations and researchers, assuming humanity is risking its own future when causing great and irreparable damage. for Earth environment.

The research team points out some negative trends in the environment, such as carbon emissions and global average temperature constantly increasing, fresh water availability per capita by 26%, the number of dead zones in the ocean. 75% increase, forest land decreased by nearly 121 million hectares, the amount of natural fishing decreased, the number of mammals, reptiles, amphibians, fish and birds decreased by 29%, the population increased by 35%.

"Humanity has not taken the necessary emergency measures to ensure the safety of our biosphere , " the authors reported.

The report also proposes possible solutions to reverse some negative trends such as promoting the use of green energy and renewable energy, encouraging a diet rich in vegetables, establishing protected areas. on land and at sea, strengthening laws against poaching and wildlife trade.

"It will be too late to change our self-destruct course, and time is shortening. We have to realize the Earth and every life on it is our only home. They we have to make great achievements for the benefit of mankind, ' the researchers called.

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