2 million-year-old mysterious creature carries 'human hand'

An individual likened to a hominid of hominid and true human has just been unearthed in South Africa.

The creature was identified as Australopithecus sediba , a species of the genus Humans, but still bears most of the characteristics of a very primitive hominid . It can be said that this is a distant relative of Homo sapiens - our modern people .

Picture 1 of 2 million-year-old mysterious creature carries 'human hand'
A close-up of fossilized remains of a new species belonging to the genus of humans, a creature of micro-animal interaction - (photo by Christopher Dunmore)

According to anthropologists from the University of Kent (UK), the hand structure of this fossil remains, especially the thumb, showing that it is both adapted to climbing trees like apes, and adapted to holding things with movement exactly like a human.

This is a very different feature from the creatures of the genus at the same time, including other Australopithecus species. "The skeletal structure is formed by regular behaviors in life. So our findings can support further studies of the evolution of hand structure related to production and using stone tools " - Dr. Christopher Dunmore, head of research, explained.

Picture 2 of 2 million-year-old mysterious creature carries 'human hand'
The hand has brought some true human characteristics - (photo: Christopher Dunmore).

This creature is considered by scientists to be a "hybrid" between two human and apes worlds. Clearly, this feature shows that it is gradually learning how to leave tree life and adapt to the ground.

Another interesting feature is that the reproductive channel of female species of this species has become narrower than that of apes and hominids - also a feature borrowed from modern humans. These pelvic changes make it easier to move vertically with two feet, but also make female reproduction more prolonged and arduous than ancient apes and hominids.

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