3 objects placed next to the bed will harm the human body and increase the risk of cancer

In order to have a healthy body, you need a good night's sleep, however, putting these 3 items next to the bed will harm your health and increase your risk of cancer.

Things should not be near the bed

With the development of society and the advancement of the times, mobile phones became an inseparable object for many people. Whether you're working or studying, or even before you go to bed, your phone is always with you, for a variety of purposes, from reading information, watching videos or playing games.

For convenience of charging and using, some people will place the phone right next to the bed or directly under the pillow. There is an opinion that this is really dangerous, especially putting a phone on the bed will make people affected by radiation, causing different levels of damage to the human body, even can get cancer!

The World Health Organization (WHO) has conducted a research on this issue and showed that mobile phone radiation is not ionizing radiation, does not directly affect human health, does not cause cancer.

However, the following 3 items will really harm the human body and increase the risk of cancer when placed next to the bed, you need to pay attention!

1. Poor quality perfume

Picture 1 of 3 objects placed next to the bed will harm the human body and increase the risk of cancer

Many poor quality perfumes will have a chemical ingredient called phthalate to increase the scent of the perfume. If you usually use a small amount, there will be no obvious effect.

However, long-term use or placed on the bedside, next to the bed, long-term inhalation of this harmful substance will seriously affect the body's hormones, causing testicular cancer, breast cancer and cancer Thyroid.

Some poor quality perfumes also contain ingredients that cause allergies. People with allergies or children should avoid contact.

2. New book

Picture 2 of 3 objects placed next to the bed will harm the human body and increase the risk of cancer

After you buy a new book, you can't put it on the bed either, because the ink smell of the new book is relatively heavy and there is still volatile formaldehyde in the glue of the new book . This will cause physical discomfort after inhalation and thyroid disease, which will eventually lead to thyroid cancer.

3. TV and computer

It is also a habit of many people to watch TV and play computer before going to bed. If the distance between the TV and the computer is near the headboard, it will leave people in the "ultra-low frequency electromagnetic field" for a long time. Thyroid abnormalities can cause leukemia or thyroid cancer.

Therefore, you should try not to place computers and TVs near the nightstands to reduce exposure to radiation.

Apart from the above 3 items, the headboard should not be the place to put some synthetic fiber clothes. Such as nylon socks, nylon pants or elastic pants . because these substances will release micro plastic elements if they are in a high temperature environment, releasing some antistatic and softening agents. affect human health.

Some men are also accustomed to putting cigarettes on the nightstands. Although they are not directly illuminated, tobacco will also produce some harmful odors. Long-term inhalation will cause respiratory or gastrointestinal diseases.

Under normal circumstances, the headboard should be kept simple and clean. Do not place electronic products, clothes, cosmetics and cigarettes near the head of the bed. This can not only reduce the impact on the body but also keep the sleeping environment comfortable, make the quality of sleep better and also beneficial to health.

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