4 effects of the 'small tail' behind the shoes

The 'small tail' part at the back of the sneakers seems redundant, the feeling is also a bit annoying, should I use scissors to cut it? In fact, the small tail designed on the shoe has some very practical uses, let's explore it.

Picture 1 of 4 effects of the 'small tail' behind the shoes

In fact, the small tail designed on the shoe has some very practical uses. (Photo: Ersler Dmitry/ Shutterstock)

1. Hold the small end of the shoe to put your foot in the shoe

First, when wearing shoes, some of you will put your feet in the shoes, stomp hard and then push your heels up. If we often use this method, the heel of the shoe that is pressed for a long time will be easily worn, leading to deformation and damage.

In fact, when wearing shoes, we can make good use of this small tail by holding the small tail with our hands and then pressing down on the heel to easily put our feet in. In this way, the foot can easily slip into the shoe without causing the heel to be forced down, thus avoiding the problem of the heel being deformed due to this prolonged pressure.

2. Tie the shoelaces to the small tail to keep the heel in place

A fairly common case is that we buy shoes that are a bit big or loose, so when walking or jogging, the foot is very easy to drop the heel out of the shoe. The solution to this problem is also very simple, we thread two shoelaces through the small tail at the back of the shoe, then wrap and pull the laces to the front and tie. This way, when we usually wear running shoes, the shoes will be tighter and the heel will not slip out, even if the shoe is a bit big.

3. Tie up 2 shoes for carry-on

If you like to go to the beach during the holidays, or go to the pebble beach to step on the water, go to the beach, go to the water to play. will need to take off your shoes and hold them in your hand, so it will be a bit inconvenient, if you don't hold on tight, The shoes will be very easy to fall off.

Then let's take advantage of the small tail of the shoe by threading the laces of the two shoes through them one by one and then tying the two shoelaces together. Thus, we were able to easily carry the shoes in our hands or tie them to the back of the backpack. This way, the outing will be convenient, we can also free our hands and feet to play more.

4. Hook the small tail to the hanger to dry shoes

Every time you wash your shoes, if you only dry them on the balcony, the sun will shine on the shoes unevenly, and the time for the shoes to dry in the sun is also short. In fact, we can also use the small tails to dry shoes, just hook these little tails on a hanger, then hang them on the balcony to dry. Thus, not only the shoes are hung more firmly, but the ventilation effect of the shoes is also very good, the longer sun exposure time helps the shoes dry faster.