5 best free alternatives for Microsoft Access

Microsoft Access is a database tool, popularized through the inclusion of most Microsoft Office packages since 1992. Like many other database programs, Microsoft Access is a complex tool, It takes a lot of time to explore and learn. Therefore there are Microsoft Access alternatives and the following are some of the best options.

Why should use a Microsoft Access alternative?

Microsoft Access is a core feature of Microsoft Office for both Office 365 and Office suites with independent licenses. Despite the massive availability of free alternatives, Microsoft Access features are still constantly in the top 10 database tools rankings.

Access professional users say it's easy to use this tool because Access has a wide range of online resources available to users of every ability, as well as powerful query, filter, and table tools.

Users who don't like Access think that it lacks scalability, plus the annoying 2GB limit and the possibility of database corruption in a multi-user database. The price of Microsoft Access is also an important highlight. Other database options are free, but not as good as Microsoft Access.

1. LibreOffice Base

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LibreOffice Base is a great starting point for anyone considering a free alternative to Microsoft Access. This open source Office suite is still a powerful solution that is similar to Microsoft Office and the latest version of LibreOffice, 6.1.3, is one of the best versions.

LibreOffice Base is still a great comprehensive tool, suitable for both home and business needs. LibreOffice Base has a variety of handy features, including cross-database support for multi-user databases such as MySQL, Adabas D, Microsoft Access and PostgreQuery.

Using LibreOffice Base is almost like direct access to a Microsoft Access copy. Both are front-end database management tools. You can use LibreOffice Base to create suitable database applications or websites, as well as choose between Firebird or HSQLDB for embedded database framework.

2. Kexi

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Calligra Suite is an Office suite and graphic design developed by KDE Community. Kexi is Calligra Suite's response to Microsoft Access. Kexi provides a great set of database features such as data entry, queries, forms, tables, reports, etc. Moreover, you can use Kexi as front-end for the server. databases like MySQL, PostgreQuery or Microsoft SQL Server.

Another handy feature for users who want to find an alternative is Kexi's Microsoft Access conversion support. The wizard helps users to migrate Access database to Kexi's database framework, maintain data and allow editing between applications.

3. Axisbase

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Axisbase was born by a frustrated and angry developer because of the cost customers have to pay for Microsoft Access. Axisbase is slightly different from the other items in this list because it provides the entire database solution, with the familiar front-end interface, which looks similar to Filemaker, Access or Base, but can also work like a database server like MySQL.

Note : Axisbase does not support standard SQL, so be careful!

Axisbase is not the easiest to use database program. You will use Axisbase's 'building blocks' to develop your database. Building block is a subset of data, lists, charts, windows or reports. Building blocks can become extremely complex.

4. Symphytum

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Symphytum is an open source personal visual database. The biggest difference between Symphytum and other options on this list is the target market. Symphytum is a handy database tool for personal databases, no need to learn any complex programming or programming skills.

Even so, you can still use Symphytum to create a large visual database with lots of customization. Symphytum is very accessible and has some handy features. For example, you can drag and drop fields with records to organize visual layouts.

Symphytum also has some limitations. Database cannot process relational data and calculate field automatically. In addition, CSV import function also has many things to improve.

5. PortaBase

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The final free alternative to Microsoft Access in today's article is PortaBase. This is also the most basic option. You cannot replace Access extensions with PortaBase. However, PortaBase is completely free and you can create a basic Single Table database without spending too much effort.

Because this is a basic program, there is not much to learn. You just need to create a new database, add the desired fields and start filling them in. Can import from CSV, XML or MobileDB and export to CSV, HTML or XML.

An interesting feature of PortaBase is integrated file encryption. You have the option of encrypting your database using an encrypted library based on Blowfish. Just make sure you never forget the password!

This is not a complete list of Microsoft Access alternatives. Besides, you can also use other free and open source database options like MySQL, PostgreSQL, MS SQL, SQLite, Cassandra, MariaDB, etc. All are database tools. Powerful, flexible data, suitable for a variety of database-related tasks.

However, for ease of use, especially for new users, who want to test or capture their first database management program, these options are the most optimal at the moment.

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