9 best alternatives to Microsoft Word

Microsoft Word is a very popular word processor, but many people still don't use it. Whether derived from cost reasons, approaches or interests, there is an undeniable fact: not everyone loves Word.

If you are one of those people, you can use alternative Office suites like LibreOffice or Google Docs.

However, there are still many other great and free options on the Internet. Here are some new alternatives to Microsoft Word that you may not know yet.

1. Jarte

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Jarte has a fairly neat interface, making it easier to work with documents. You can create multiple documents in one window using the tabs at the top. There are also options for customizing button labels, auto-detecting links and Word wrapping (Word wrapping is the process of dividing a portion of text into lines that match the width of the document). availability of page, window or other display area) in the application.

Main function:

  • Editable with basic tools such as copy, paste, find and check spelling as well as thesaurus and thesaurus.
  • Insert images, hyperlinks (hyperlinks), tables, equations and objects.
  • Format fonts by bold, italic, underline, color, size, etc.
  • Adjust segments using alignment, indenting, line spacing and tab stops (Stop of cursor on text line).
  • Lots of other features: Multiple view modes, number of words, pages and characters, zoom in or out and built-in screen capture feature.

Users can download and use Jarte for free. If you are interested in additional features such as custom shortcuts, scripts, and error correction, please refer to Jarte Plus (jarte.com/jarte_plus.html).

2. Draft

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The final alternative to Microsoft Word is available for free online as Draft. This very simple tool has the necessary features to create, edit and save documents. Like Hemingway, you can edit online on the application (by creating a free account). One of the salient features of this application is the version control feature.

Main function:

  • Bold or italic font format.
  • Insert comments, images, excerpts and captions.
  • Export documents as TXT, HTML, DOC or PDF.
  • Share documents to get help from others.
  • Other features: Create folders to organize, preview and modes like Hemingway, import files and customize interface settings.

Draft is a basic but useful and easy tool for text editing needs. From businesses, individuals, to educational purposes, create the documents you need on any computer with Internet.

3. WordGraph

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SSuite Office provides a variety of applications such as word processor, spreadsheet and editor. One of the great products is WordGraph and is a great alternative to Microsoft Word. SSuite Office has a standard menu at the top, action buttons and formatting toolbars. Each new document is in its own tab.

main function

  • Choose a view with maximum width, central outline or maximum height, along with a thumbnail view along the side of the screen.
  • Insert objects, images, tables, links, emoticons, equations, automatic texts and Character art (art letters).
  • Font format, paragraphs and visual text effects.
  • Use tools to check spelling, word count, Track changes (Track Changes is a special feature of Word, allowing you to see changes made to a document) and online dictionary, from Dictionary of synonyms and translations.
  • Other features: Stacked windows, document output, history and statistics, shortcuts, integrated cloud storage.

You can download WordGraph as well as other products from SSuite for free. You can also view helpful online tutorials if you have any specific questions.

4. FocusWriter

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The FocusWriter is ideal for those who want to be distracted when writing documents. When opening the FocusWriter, users will see the document entry area on the wood grain background. Users can start editing text immediately. But the application also provides the necessary features in the word processor when the user hovers to the top of the window.

Main function:

  • Edit with basic features like Undo, Redo, Cut, Copy and Paste.
  • Format fonts, paragraphs, indents and titles.
  • Use tools to find, replace, check spelling and symbols.
  • Adjust settings to focus on text, theme and focus options.
  • Other features: Hidden tools on all 4 edges, centralized timer, daily progress statistics, goal settings, custom toolbars and shortcuts.

FocusWriter is free and available on many platforms. If you like the features of a word processor, but also need a centralized writing tool, this is the app for you.

5. Page Four

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Page Four is not only an innovative application, but also a great word processor for those with organized minds. This is due to the Notebook feature of the application. It provides hierarchical structure for all items. So you can create new notebooks, add folders and subfolders or insert pages easily.

Main function:

  • Navigate to each page with tabs at the bottom of the window.
  • Format fonts, paragraphs and lists.
  • Use the tools to import or export notebooks, count words and lock documents with a password.
  • Click Smart-Edit to scan documents and find out words and phrases that are overused.
  • Search for text on pages or in notebooks.
  • Other features: Customizable view to enter full-screen text, snapshot feature then shows photo list, ability to insert dates, characters, links or email addresses.

Page Four was created by Bad Wolf Software and provided free of charge. Just note, the application will not receive future improvements. But if you like the idea of ​​a free tool that helps your organization get organized and organized, try Page Four.

6. Shaxpir 4

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Shaxpir 4 (pronounced as Shakespeare) is another word processor, ideal for those who love creativity. Try using it to edit documents, essays and even for thought ideas. You can sort your documents by type such as books, short stories or articles. All in a visually appealing interface.

Main function:

  • Navigate to the content in a sidebar.
  • Format fonts, paragraphs, styles and lists.
  • Insert images, connections and block quotes (quoted).
  • Export items in DOCX or HTML format.
  • Other features: Version history (paid), word count, spell check, color code display and spell check, create content by type and directory.

Shaxpir 4 is available for free. Shaxpir 4: Pro has a free trial version. If you decide to sign up for an upgrade, you will get features like EPUB export, custom themes and version history. However, you can still continue with the free version if you want.

7. LyX

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LyX is a full-featured word processor with lots of additional features. You may be surprised at the number of buttons below the menu when opening Lyx, but just hover over the buttons for more information. Select File> New and start editing text. You can also work with multiple documents with handy tab view.

Main function:

  • Format fonts, lists, paragraphs and sections.
  • See outline, source and notice board in the window.
  • Insert everything from images, links and tables to mathematical formulas, quotes and comments.
  • Use tools for spell checking, thesaurus, statistics and file comparison.
  • Other features: Import and export with a variety of file formats, mathematical macros, marginal notes, captions, add labels, cross references and index entries.

LyX is a free application, open source and available on many platforms. This website provides a lot of useful information regarding releases, bug tracking and development status.

8. Thinkfree Online Editor

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If you don't want to download the word processor, the Thinkfree Online Editor is a great choice. To start, click the New Document plus on the main page or select Word from the New Document drop-down box at the top. When the editor opens, you will see the menu items and buttons in the standard menu.

Main function:

  • Download the document in DOCX or PDF format.
  • Font format and paragraphs.
  • Add header, footer, caption, page number or page break.
  • Insert shapes, images, tables, text boxes, icons, bookmarks (bookmarks) or links.
  • Other features: Selection tools, rulers and task pane views, zoom in or out, page setup options such as size, orientation, color and margins.

9. Hemingway

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Another online editing option worth considering is Hemingway. You can click Write at the top to start and then select Edit to access useful tools. Although this editor does not provide specific features for images, tables or downloads like other options in the list, it gives users a great text editing experience.

Main function:

  • Bold or italic font format.
  • Add headers (H1, H2 or H3).
  • Create quotes with one click.
  • Insert links and bulleted or numbered lists.
  • Other features: Readability tools, display color codes for active sentences, adverbs and sentences that are difficult to read, count words, characters, letters, etc. .

Hemingway is one of the free, simple but useful online text editing tools. In addition to accessing the Internet, you can install Hemingway Editor 3 with many great features.

Hemingway website: https://www.hemingwayapp.com/

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