TOP application to explore the universe, solar system on PC

The current space simulation application has a lot on the computer so users can explore the universe through a computer screen. Very useful for junior and senior high school students or users who want to explore . These applications are built on advanced physics algorithms that simulate the movement of all planets.

There are many applications that simulate the solar system or broaden the universe, explore different planets, and you can learn about constellations, individual stars . With software The simulation of the universe below you can fully understand the details of the various parts of the space science. Let's find out about space exploration software on PC in the article below.

1. Solar System 3D Simulator

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With Solar System 3D Simulator, you can observe and understand the earth and the solar system, observing the movements of the earth, moon, sun and planets around the solar system. You can view detailed information about any planet such as their physical information, area, energy, age, age, chemistry .

In addition to providing detailed images and physical and chemical information of nine planets including the earth, showing solar heat, solar energy and obscure parts. Graphics in 3D, you can change the model view angle from top to left to right as well as adjust the rotation speed of the planets.

2. Solar System Scope

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Like Solar System 3D Simulator, Solar System Scope is a software that simulates the solar system and planets in the cosmic system in 3D. Allows you to admire the night sky in real time without the need for telescopes. Users can view the exact location of objects and discover useful information.

Solar System Scope has been updated from the input of ideas from the user community. Upgrading the model of the solar system and other planets to a new level, not only possesses more beautiful graphics, more detailed images but also much more intuitive controls.

Solar System Scope version on the computer has very beautiful and detailed graphics than Solar System Scope Online on the web, you can install Solar System Scope version on PC and on the web to see the difference, especially rather than the PC version, you can explore the offline universe without the Internet.

3. Stellarium

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This is a free astronomical software, the most realistic depiction of the sky, all displayed correctly as in fact when opening GL, Stellarium can use new operating systems such as Linux / Unix, Windows and Mac OS X. With Stellarium, you can absolutely see what you can see with your eyes like using binoculars or small telescopes.

In addition, with a user-friendly interface, easy-to-use display mode, easy-to-use graphic panel - Stellarium also depicts a planetarium with 180-degree dome projection mode, describing the equator as one. The telescope has the maximum function to see planets, satellites or constellations as you are watching them with real telescopes.

With the vast space of the universe in Stellarium, you will enjoy the delight of admiring more than 120,000 stars from the Hipparcos Catalog and the names and exact information of these stars. In addition, you can learn about the actual planets and satellites. In particular, you know its position as well as the eclipse, eclipse, or simulation of the movement of an object in the universe.

4. Celestia

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Celestia is a space exploration software based on free, open-source, 3D simulation. Significant support for users in the process of learning, research and entertainment about the universe. Celestia also has many 3rd party addons that help you see the universe from any point between planets and stars. There are all 18GB user-created addons.

Celestia will allow users to explore the universe with more than 120,000 stars, users can fly into the vast space of the universe with a range of 0.001m / s to thousands of light years. The zoom function will give the longest distance in the universe will only shorten in just a few meters. In addition Celestia also supports capturing images and movies in HD or normal resolution,

Those are the software you can choose to explore the universe, if you are excited by the curiosity about the universe and the galaxy, download and use one of the above software to your computer and examine break it.

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