Synthesis of free TV viewing apps on Android

U20 World Cup season is happening very exciting. In particular, U20 Vietnam is also attending the world's largest tournament for this U20 age group. To cheer for the Vietnamese U20 team, and you can't always watch the matches on the television. Below is a comprehensive list of free TV viewing software for Android phones so fans can watch World Cup matches anywhere, anytime.


Online TV viewing is a software for watching high-speed online TV with sharp picture quality. Support 160 domestic and foreign channels such as:

  1. Watch Movies: Today TV, Moviestar HD, HBO HD, SCTV HD .
  2. Vietnam channel: VTV, HTV, HTVC, VTC, SCTV .
  3. Football: K +, SCTVTheThao, VTC3, Start Sport, ESPN + .
  4. Music: ITVHD, NCT, MTV, VPOP TV, HIT TV .
  5. FM Radio: VOV1, VOV2, VOV3, ZONE FM .

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iTivi is a completely free application that helps you watch Vietnamese online TV channels right from your Android device.

Supported TV channels:

VTV1, VTV2, VTV3, VTV4, VTC1, VTC3, HTV7, HTV9, HN1, ANTV, SCTV1, SCTV2, SCTV3, SCTV4, SCTV5, SCTV6, SCTV7, SCTV8, SCTV9, SCTV10, SCTV11, SCTV12, SCTV13, SCTV11, SCTV12, SCTV13, SCTV14, SCTV15, SCTV16, SCTV composite movies, SCTV sports, TV VPop, Yeah1 TV, Yeah1 Fun TV, Yeah1 TV Showbiz, VTV9, LA34, BRT, TRT, THCT .

Watching Vietnamese TV is a free TV viewing application for Vietnamese with many outstanding features and the most attractive program which is regularly updated on the application.

Main features of the application:

  1. The number of rich channels with more than 300 channels of HD and SD.
  2. Hundreds of interesting feature films.
  3. The interface is simple, beautiful, convenient.
  4. Less advertising.

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