Play super cool free games on Android devices

Entertainment needs are associated with your daily life, making the number of games on mobile devices growing. Along with other operating systems, devices using Android OS are also provided with many free games and very worth playing.

>>>Top 5 best free games on Android

1. Subway Surfers for Android

Subway Surfers belongs to the genre of action adventure game extremely attractive for Android operating system, is a game speed similar to other runners games. The game is designed simply, gently with vivid colors and images.

In the game, you will play the mischievous brats Jake, Tricky and Fresh fleeing the police after graffiti on the train cars. Players will have to jump to avoid obstacles, cross over cars, avoid running trains and find ways to escape the police circle and try to pick up as many coins as possible and collect the props to increase your strength and speed.

Main features of the game:

  • Get past the train lines with your hilarious group.
  • Colorful and vivid HD graphics.
  • Slide on the boards.
  • Draw on the carriages.
  • Very fast swipe operation.
  • Overcoming challenges and supporting friends to play.

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You can download the software here .

2. Cut the Rope for Android

Cut the Rope is a popular game on both iPhone and Android, classified as an intellectual game because of the level of "challenge" gamers. Cut the Rope is a story about a small monster named Om Nom, whose bad habit is very gluttonous.

The way to play is simple but requires you ingenuity, perseverance, agility and a few tricks in calculating how to eat the star and when cut all the strings, the candy will fall into his mouth. frog, if the candy falls out 3 times you will get a 'game over' signal immediately. The difficulty level of the game will be gradually increased in each round of the game. The game has a beautiful interface, funny music will definitely help you relieve the pressure in your daily work.

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You can download the software here .

3. Gem Miner for Android

This is a mobile game that requires players to know how to combine intelligence and risk. In the game, you will play the role of a miner mining ore. Players are equipped with tools such as hammers, wooden ladders, elevators, drills, . and go to mine to sell for a better purchase.

Not only is gold digging fast, you need to have the mind of an . architect to design a mine that is handy to exploit the most resources, just to withdraw. Get out of the tunnel in the shortest time. Of course, if the game is over time, the tunnel will collapse and we must bury it in it.

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You can download the software here .

4. Angry Birds for Android

Angry Birds is one of the most favorite games in the world on Windows now available for Android, iOS and Windows Phone versions. The game revolves around the story of the survival of Angry Birds.

The game is released exclusively through GetJar server and it quickly clogs before the download request is too large. There is no doubt about the ability to develop mobile applications on the Android platform, Google's mobile operating system may not be proud of the number of applications already available, but it is a rising force and will Be within the sights of any company or individual when making plans to build mobile applications.

Rovio has just celebrated the 3rd birthday of Angry Birds game with an extremely attractive promotion: adding 45 new levels for free to the game.

Main features of the game:

  • Exciting entertainment with many free game screens.
  • Impressive graphical interface.
  • Support many help tools when playing games.
  • Direct links to social networking sites are for players over 13 years old.
  • Direct links to the Internet can take players out of the game.
  • Advertising Rovio products and also products from own partners.
  • Options to make in-app purchases.

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You can download the software here .

5. Fruit Ninja Free for Android

Fruit Ninja Free for Android is an attractive fruit slashing game that is very familiar to players used on Android devices, with simple gameplay and attractive graphics with high entertainment, many game modes and Vivid background music effects will definitely help you have the most comfortable moments.

The game has 3 game modes for you to choose: Classic, Arcade and Zen, each play has different characteristics but uses a background music mode. Each type of fruit has a distinctly attractive color that makes you enjoy it right from the start.

Main features of the game:

  • Exciting entertainment game on Android operating system.
  • Provides 3 modes for players to choose.
  • Tool to calculate points and play time.
  • The game has beautiful graphics, impressive.
  • Save the score after each play.
  • Integrated vivid background music.

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You can download the software here .

6. Agent Dash for Android

Agent Dash for Android is the title game "Race of super spies" attractive and free on Android devices.

Built on the idea of ​​games that require speed and dexterity, Agent Dash for Android leads players into an exciting adventure but without the challenges ahead. Take on the role of a professional spy and complete the task of destroying the nuclear facilities of secret organizations.

So, although it is basically a speed game, Agent Dash still requires players to have the calculation to make decisions in a timely manner. The game is not just about running and running, but the gamer has to work out a plan for his route. Besides, it is quick and quick to be able to cope with any situation happening on the way.

Main features of the game:

  • Integrated Facebook social network - easy to connect and compete with friends.
  • Intuitive controls - swipe to dodge, jump and slide through obstacles and barriers.
  • Stunning graphics - attractive images with fast movement speed.
  • Breakthrough gameplay - fascinating, lively chase and spectacular escape.
  • Perfect sound effects - lively and funny background music.
  • High-end equipment system - jetpack, diamond magnet .
  • Multi-platform - connect to Facebook social network to save playing progress between devices.

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You can download the software here .

7. Temple Run 2 for Android

Temple Run is a 3D action RPG, in which players have to overcome a lot of difficulties to escape the grave and the fierce demons, the game has been very successful on many platforms now has a second version. to give players new experiences more attractive.

Temple Run 2 for Android is provided free for devices using the Android operating system, you will play a guy chased by giant gibbon-like monsters. In parallel with running like Usain Bolt, you have to skillfully eat coins, dodge obstacles and move around without falling straight into the depths or crashing into certain pillars.

Main features of the game:

  • Stunning new graphics.
  • Many attractive environments.
  • Many new obstacles.
  • Increases power for players.
  • Many bonus items to unlock.
  • Special powers for each character.
  • Face off with huge air.
  • English language support.

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You can download the software here .

8. Bad Piggies for Android

Bad Piggies for Android - experience the adventure of blue pig in completely new and extremely fun game. Create flying, moving, scrolling, spinning vehicles . and bring safe pigs to the eggs.

With more than 60 levels, and will be updated in the near future, players will experience hours of entertainment with spectacular car crash, exploding or extremely attractive flying car.

Main features of the game:

  • 60 levels with different modes of transportation
  • 30 additional puzzles to unlock level 3 stars
  • Free updates
  • 4 level hourglass to unleash creativity
  • Unique, secret and challenging level to unlock all skills
  • 33 objects to create optimal means: motors, wings, fans, rocket engines, umbrellas, balloons .

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You can download the software here .

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