The best free Android software for babies

There are many free Android applications for children, among them are mainly applications that train thinking, creativity, reflexes and brainpower for children. Some of the following software will help your baby to develop comprehensively when he is learning and playing, choose your child the most useful free software.

1. AniWorld Lite for Android

AniWorld Lite is a very fun and extremely simple game for preschool-aged kids. The support application teaches children the names of different animals and their knowledge of food and pets.

When playing, the children will receive an image of an animal and their three types of food. Their task is to choose the right food for them, if they choose the right one, the reaction of the animal to be eaten will be a very happy "noon" . The interesting point of this game is that the baby can hear the sound of the animal: snoring, chewing food .

The manipulation of the game is also quite simple: choose the type of food and drag it to the animal that needs to "feed" or simply click on the food he chooses.

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You can download the software here .

2. Ant Smasher for Android

Ant Smasher is a free app for children and adults. In general, Ant Smasher is really an attractive app for children aged 4 and older because it is very good for training reflexes for young children.

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You can download the software here .

3. Steamy Window for Android

Steamy Window is an app to help children play naughty on the screen of Android device like with a steamed glass plate, a fun game to relax for children.

After installation, Steamy Window for Android will cover a virtual mist on the user's Android device screen. You can touch the screen and Steamy Window for Android will be based on the on-screen feel and will lighten the areas to be touched while maintaining the virtual mist on the remaining screen areas.

If you want to find a simple way to entertain your children or yourself, Steamy Window for Android is an extremely suitable application.

Main features of the game:

  • Touch to move the water droplet on the screen while cleaning the dewy screen of the Android device.
  • Water droplets from the dew will always flow down even when the screen is rotated.
  • Choose a funny custom background image through the application's menu.
  • Blow into the Android screen to add steam to the screen.
  • Use the volume control button to change the status of the screen.

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You can download the software here .

4. Simon Classic for Android

Simon Classic For Android is a free game on Android Market that can attract children to play for hours. Simon Classic is an entertaining, challenging game and requires great skills to build better kids' memory.

Classic 4-color mode:

  • Classic mode (4 colors).
  • Super mode (9 colors).
  • 3 Level up.
  • Magic Memory mode.
  • Two-player mode to play games.

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You can download the software here .

5. Kids Painting Lite for Android

Let your kid naturally create and paint not only for fun but also help him to enhance creativity at different levels of each child. It will also help you remember the animals and how to look at the animal.

Main features of the game:

  • Teach your children about animals.
  • Supports tablets.
  • There are 12 basic colors.
  • Application is completely free.

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You can download the software here .

6. iStoryBooks for Android

iStoryBooks is a free application with entertaining but highly educated for children, through images and spoken language, iStoryBooks will guide children to familiarize the typeface through many familiar images. With 11 free talking books offered in various genres: pre-school education books, pre-sleep tales, audio picture books on each page.

There are many books for you to choose: Cinderella, Sleeping Beauty, Cenicienta . and each book has its own interesting.

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You can download the software here .

7. Preschool Kids Puzzle Lite for Android

Learning games for children are all that the provider has. Preschool Puzzle Lite kids are the most downloaded game among educational apps for kids on Google Play. This game includes 20 puzzles to try before you decide to buy the full version.

Children will see a picture of a photo that belongs to one of the following categories: Animals, Food, Transport, Geometric Figures, Numbers, Letters. Your child will have to surf and touch the colorful pieces in place to merge them into a complete picture.

All pictures are designed to help children achieve success from time to time and receive encouragement from the teachers in the game, helping them always have the motivation to play games. After the child has enjoyed this game, parents can be comfortable and make sure that their children are having fun learning and playing.

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You can download the software here .

8. Kids Connect the Dots Lite for Android

Creating educational games for children is the goal of the provider. Kids Connect the Dots Lite contains 25 photos for users to test before deciding to buy the full version.

Preschoolers will love the games in Kids Connect the Dots. They are taught how to identify and pronounce numbers and letters in the alphabet in a very child-friendly way. Children will quickly like to play Kids Connect the Dots, and you can be comfortable knowing your child is learning but still having fun.

In the game, the child will have to touch a series of dots to outline the shape of an animal or something the child can identify. When they touch the dots and connect them the numbers and letters in the ABC table will be pronounced. When children successfully connect all dots, connected dots will quickly turn into a colorful picture of whatever children have sketched. It could be a bird or a scones, a deer or a treasure chest.

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You can download the software here .

9. Baby fun learning - Vo Duy Tuan

This is a very good application in terms of content, and this software is provided completely free, compatible from smartphones to tablets with Android Box / stick. This software has many parts divided into many different topics, such as animals and fruits and vehicles, alphabets and colors . with many different categories.

When your child opens any section they like, they all have a picture in the middle and the name of the content is displayed immediately below. When the baby touches the content, the software will immediately make a sound that reads the name of the content, making the child excited to remember the content and audio content.

To move through the lesson content, the children can swipe the screen left or right, or you can touch the left and right arrows in the upper right corner of the screen. Currently this software also supports English, to help children learn and familiarize themselves with a second language, English.

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You can download the software here.

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