Effective work management software on Android

Good personal work management will help you to arrange reasonable time and finance to improve efficiency as well as responsibility in everyday life. The applications listed below will help you arrange and manage jobs that match your schedule.

>>> Top effective 3G capacity management software on Android

1. Wunderlist for Android

Wunderlist is the easiest way to manage and share daily to-do lists. Whether you are on your own business, planning an upcoming travel trip, or sharing a shopping list with your loved one, Wunderlist for Android is always ready to help you do what you want.

The beauty of Wunderlist lies in its simplicity. This application easily syncs across all major platforms and the interface of this application is created for most tasks and lists.

After creating and naming the new list, users can start adding tasks. You can prioritize tasks by stars, create due dates and create reminders (via email or Android notification) when needed. When opening details of certain tasks, users can add notes or even side-by-side tasks. The new subtasks feature is great for anyone using Wunderlist to manage complex tasks. Although this does not help Wunderlist become a powerful project management application, it will definitely improve significantly for this application.

Main features of the software:

  • Wunderlist syncs across all devices to keep users always getting everything they need, anywhere.
  • Easily share lists with colleagues, friends and family members to work collaboratively, from a team project to group cooking.
  • Intuitive design and friendly reminders will ensure users no longer forget important tasks.

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2. Any.do for Android

Any.do is a sophisticated task management application, including a reminder feature of time and date and eye-catching design. A nice feature on the iPhone version, but Android lacks geolocation reminders.

The signature feature of Any.do, called Any.do moment. It simply sets reminders of the time set on a certain day or any day, to review what to do next.

Another interesting feature in Any.do for Android application is that it will suggest applications that can help you complete a certain task if it finds the right keyword in the task or target to complete. city. Benefits of using the app: Cloud synchronization, voice recognition, notifications, Any.do Moment, pausing tasks, synchronizing google task, notes, side tasks, widgets, repeating tasks , missed calls, auto-complete, and many other features.

Main features of the software:

  • Nice and works well: Any.do is beautifully designed, simple to use and user friendly.
  • Always around when you need it most: Any.do will seamlessly sync with the cloud so you can update everything on all the devices you own.
  • Any.do gives power to your hands: Drag and drop to plan, flip through a task to mark it done and shake your Android device to delete the completed task. Very simple and fast.
  • Say your thoughts: Instead of typing, just touch the microphone icon and say what you need to do. Any.do will automatically convert words into words in nearly all languages.
  • Less typing , more action: Typing on a mobile phone can be annoying, Any.do's prediction ability will suggest what you need to do.
  • Any.do works only for you: Just add reminders based on time for what to do and this app will remind you at the right time. Users can even use repeat options.
  • Working together: Share your to-do list with friends, family and colleagues to get things done. Can be applied to the case: Share the list of shopping with your spouse, plan certain events with friends or simply update the project status in the company.
  • Any.do supports many different languages: English, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Dutch, Swedish, Spanish, Portuguese, Chinese, Russian, Arabic and Jewish.

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3. Tasks N Todos for Android

Manage tasks to be done quickly with Tasks N ToDo's - the essential tasks scheduler for Android, which can automatically sync with Google Tasks!

Tasks N ToDo's is an effective work management application designed to be the best personal work management application for Android phones and tablets. This application will help you arrange and track timely important jobs. Users just need to list the jobs on Google Tasks and the application will do the rest of the work.

A list of upcoming things on Google Tasks and tasks that need to be displayed show logic in the form of deadlines, giving users the convenience of monitoring and prioritizing important things that need to be done soon.

Main features of the software:

  • Full sync support with Google Tasks using the official Google Tasks API.
  • Set notifications to remind tasks once or repeat.
  • Tasks can be set to automatically repeat with the preset calendar.
  • Put urgent tasks on top of the list very quickly.
  • Create subtasks by backing up lines.
  • Create tasks using the voice feature.
  • Assign the importance of tasks with low, medium or high priority.
  • Filter and categorize tasks and to-do lists the way you want.
  • Drag and drop tasks, to-do lists to arrange them in the order you want.
  • Share tasks via email.
  • Choose a quick date with a date picker.
  • Search for tasks by keyword.
  • Navigate quickly between the list of tasks using the surfing action.
  • Manage tasks easily and quickly with Quick action menu.
  • Quick access to home screen widget with shortcut to add or view task.
  • Fully optimized for Android tablets and smartphones.

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4. ZenDay for Android

With ZenDay for Android, users can better arrange, maintain work and life is always balanced. The unique integration of tasks within the timeline will show what users can achieve during the day, with the time you set for yourself.

Tasks will pop up and ZenDay will automatically reschedule it all in your free time: No more duplicate appointments in your calendar will cause you to mess up. ZenDay will change the colors of the tasks to near or overdue, so you can act quickly before it's too late. And finally, users have the ability to review what was done at the right time, to know how to improve over time.

Main features of the software:

  • Sync with the calendar, add tasks to the timeline and plan commitments in a single place. With unique ZenDay 3D timeline, users can clearly see what they need to do to perform the correct action.
  • Plan tasks and appointments.
  • Sync all with calendar.
  • Prioritize tasks and set up future tasks. Active calendar: The tasks will follow the timeline.
  • Set deadlines and receive reminder notifications.
  • Review the past few weeks.
  • Intuitive: zoom in, zoom out, move in time line.
  • Simple: Do everything in 3D display.
  • Besides, ZenDay is not just a simple sorter, it will soon become a time management assistant for you.

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5. GTasks for Android

GTasks for Android is a simple but effective task management application with both local and Google accounts. Users can customize their to-do list, set reminders, share tasks with friends, family members or colleagues and sync with tasks on Google. With this application, users will no longer miss a task and focus on other things. Try it out and see how it works perfectly.

Although Gtasks for Android syncs directly with Google services, it does not seem to be related to this giant's Task app. Instead, this application allows you to create tasks and share it with your Google account, as well as invite others to participate in this task.

Main features of the software:

  • ICS style (Android 4.0) with the ability to move, set due date, delete and other tasks.
  • Sync automatically with multiple Google accounts, also supports local mode.
  • Add tasks in groups.
  • Scroll horizontally to switch between tasks, tasklist.
  • Sort tasks by expiration date, name, creation time, priority.
  • Rearranging tasks is simple by dragging them.
  • View tasks on Google Calendar.
  • Backward, remove backward, share, move easily.
  • Repeat reminder, set reminders once, daily, weekly, monthly, .
  • Quickly add tasks by pressing the search button.
  • Quickly add tasks through the note to self with Google Now.
  • Search for quick tasks with self-completion capabilities.
  • Widget (scroll in LauncherPro / ADWLauncher / GO Launcher).

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6. EasilyDo for Android

EasilyDo for Android is an application to help arrange and inform users about what to do so you can always manage things well. Work less, worry less and have more time for yourself.

This app can clean up and add new contacts, check traffic, notify you about the weather, track packages, schedule and send birthday greetings and lots of features, out of 37 automatic task.

Attractive offer: Galaxy S5 users will receive a 6-month trial of EasilyDo.

Main features of the software:

  • Manage working days effectively.
  • No more stress on traffic.
  • Receive update notifications.
  • See photos that are in trend on Instagram.
  • Add a Facebook profile picture to your contacts.
  • Get information on regional events based on interests.
  • Tidy arrangement.
  • Premium periodic service.
  • High level support for any question.

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7. Do it for Android

Do it for Android is a simple, interesting application that will help you remember and organize tasks. Like the name of the suggestion application, it will give users the option to note what you will have to do the next day, as well as change jobs from day to day. Whenever you finish a task, you can delete them with just one finger swipe.

Do it for Android's design reminiscent of a real notebook - can think of a classic design with a cover and inner pages. The user interface with a notebook includes 2 pages, one for today and one for tomorrow, making it easy for users to switch from day to day.

Along with the classic interface of the application, you also have the ability to choose the type of font you like, one of them is font in handwriting style.

Main features of the software:

  • Experience the to-do list on virtual notebooks.
  • The fastest todo entry.
  • Simple interface, just to-do, today and tomorrow.
  • Easily check completed viewing tasks or delete them.
  • Rearrange and edit existing tasks.
  • Use high resolution display.
  • Access and sync tasks with the free web version.
  • Add tasks from Google Chrome with a very simple extension Available Widgets for Android Home Page (via In-App Purchase).
  • The 1x1 widget will display how many tasks have not been performed on the day.
  • Widget 3x3 and 4x4 to quickly display the remaining tasks of the day and allow users to add tasks very quickly.

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8. Cozi Family Calendar & Lists for Android

Easily manage everything in your own life and your family with Cozi Family Calendar & Lists for Android - the app has won the best app for the home application category and is at the top of the app must have for a better life, voted by The TODAY Show program.

Cozi helps turn the mobile phone into an optimized family work arrangement with the ability to share certain calendars, shopping lists, to-do lists or articles for the entire family immediately accessible. News.

Main features of the software:

  • Create a calendar for your family.
  • Schedule shopping with a list of goods.
  • To-do list.
  • Family Times.
  • The whole family shares the same account that everyone can access with their own email address (set up in Settings) and shared password.
  • Schedule meals and lists of spices.

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