Top 3 best free messaging applications in Vietnam

If you own a smartphone, then you are certainly no stranger to these applications. And especially in Vietnam, although it is possible to list quite a lot of OTT (Over The Top, these are the services on the Internet that are not directly brought by Internet service providers), are present, but the names stand out and really have a position, that is Zalo, Viber and Whatsapp.

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Top 3 best free messaging applications in Vietnam today

Texting (SMS) in the traditional way is now almost 'extinct' among young people. With the advent of a wide range of free messaging applications on smartphones, almost no one cares or "loses money" in messages in a classic way.

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If Line , Tango , Kakao Talk , and Beetalk are gradually disappearing, the 'three giants' in OTT village in Vietnam are still maintaining stability, and finding directions and plans to further develop. when the messaging application market is gradually saturated.

1. Zalo

Not the earliest product in OTT family, but Zalo is proving to be the most formidable opponent among the free messaging applications that are present in Vietnam. Highlight not only for the Vietnamese brand, but also the "hit points " of user psychology have helped this app to beat Viber , Whatsapp , Line or Tango . to become the largest market share app. most in Vietnam (accounting for 2/3 of the market) .

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Outstanding points of Zalo:

  • Registration is extremely simple.
  • No need to declare any information without checking email to confirm, even if you lose your account, password, users only need the phone number to get back.
  • In addition to having the full functionality of other applications, Zalo stands out for allowing users to own, using a personal diary page with instant sharing like a social networking site.
  • The ability to share information (files, images with HD quality) up to 20MB and can perform with multiple files at the same time helps Zalo is the number one choice of civil servants, students or office circles.
  • Zalopage is becoming a popular online business trend, also attracting more users to this application.
  • The ability to record speech for up to 5 minutes with voice quality, when messaging is extremely stable even if only 3G is connected.
  • In addition, being able to use on most smartphone platforms (iOS, Android, Windows phone) or the operating system of computers (Windows, Mac OS X, Linus) also contributed significantly to the Zalo choice. choose the number one of the same OTT .

Disadvantages of Zalo:

  • There is no version for Java yet .
  • Can not connect directly to social networking sites Facebook , Twitter .

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2. Viber

Direct competitors, only with Zalo . Popular in Vietnam around 2012. That is probably the 'golden' moment of this application, because no one does not know, no one does not use Viber , not only as a form of communication, but also Personal affirmation, by 2012 is the booming year of smart mobile devices and mobile applications on smartphones.
However, it is the inertia and subjectivity of this application that is the main cause of Viber's downfall and the gradual disgrace to users. Viber is now officially acquired by Rakuten , an Internet and e-commerce service company of Japan.

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Advantages of Viber:

  • Can create chat groups up to 40 people.
  • Less memory.
  • Support for up to 60 different languages.
  • Sound filter works extremely well, helping users to listen and call with the best voice quality.
  • Viber can be called to other phone numbers even if they do not use this service.

Disadvantages of Viber:

  • Cannot call video.
  • The connection quality is not really good and stable.
  • Incomplete features, still sketchy and not really attractive
  • Do not support games, search for friends or social networks.
  • To use the Viber Out feature , users are forced to pay.
  • There are stickers that users have to pay to buy and use.

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3. Whatsapp

With 450 million monthly users. This is a free messaging app that is considered to have the largest number of users in the world. Despite being taken over by the giant Facebook , Whatsapp still operates independently on the 5 major mobile platforms currently iOS, Android, Windows phone, BlackBerry and Symbian.

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Advantages of Whatsapp:

  • Unlimited voice message with duration is the strongest advantage of this OTT .
  • Simple interface, easy to use.
  • Whatsapp will automatically verify the registered phone number so users do not need to wait, enter the confirmation code.
  • Fast speed and usable on old devices.
  • You can create contact shortcuts like 'speed dial' to make communication easier.

Disadvantages of Whatsapp Advantages :

  • Poor security. Completely unencrypted messages like other applications will make information about individual users and conversations easy to reveal.
  • Unable to make video calls is a major minus point which makes Whatsapp lose users.
  • Design is too rudimentary, simple, does not create a focal point for users.
  • There is no emotion store or emoticons when chatting.
  • Unable to make friends, search for more friends via 'location'.
  • To use on iOS platform, users are required to pay.
  • Only free for the first 1 year of use.

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Above are the top 3 free messaging applications currently most popular in Vietnam. In fact, there are many other applications that are still being used, however, that is only a very small number. And if you are still wondering what application to use, whether for personal use or not, the above suggestion will definitely be useful.

Wish you have fun and entertaining moments!

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