The reasons for success of Zalo

Why can Zalo rise to No. 1 in OTT market in such a short time? What did VNG and the development team do with the product that once stood on the edge of this abyss? Why can a pure Vietnamese product like Zalo dislodge big guys like Kakao Talk (Korea), WeChat (China), Line (Japan) or especially Viber out of OTT Vietnam market?

Zalo - Vietnam's No. 1 free messaging and calling application

It is a question that Zalo development team may find difficult to answer immediately. If you find out about this 'homegrown' product , it is unlikely that many people will be surprised to learn that Zalo started with the car crash, applied the web version, Zalo development team has pushed itself into the world. , making the first product stand on the edge of the abyss. But soon after, the group realized the mistake and changed tactics, focusing on the goal of helping users with free and fast text messaging in the context of weak telecommunication infrastructure in Vietnam. However, only half a year later (January 2013), this pure Vietnamese application knocked out the giant who was dominating the chart at the time, WeChat.

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Zalo 's competitors were most prominent then Wechat, Viber, Line and Kakao Talk . However, Line and Kakao Talk do not really focus on the purpose, needs of Vietnamese users, Viber does not have video calling function. As for Wechat, the phrase "climb higher, more painful falls" is indeed true of this Chinese application. Taking advantage of its large customer base and its irreplaceable position, WeChat has implicitly integrated the ' U- shaped line' into the product, which has met with tremendous opposition, making WeChat Being 'wiped out' almost immediately in OTT Vietnam market. At this moment, Zalo returned with new changes and improvements in products hitting the Vietnamese market.

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If you look at it, the latest member of the "big family" of OTT is nothing outstanding, even less so than its siblings, however, deep inside, if the other applications Only works on smartphones with stable Wifi or 3G waves, the Zalo can run well even with 2G, 2.5G right on the 'popular' touch phones . Because of this reason, Zalo becomes friendly, approachable and suitable for Vietnamese users at that time, when smartphones cost up to ten million dong.

Looking back at the development process, was first launched in August 2012, Zalo almost hidden the "siblings" before. When no one believed that Vietnamese products could defeat technology powers like China, South Korea or Japan, only about 6 months later, 'the dream of the Don-sot guys' was created. The unprecedented Revolution, a spectacular overthrow with not only the Line or Viber, but with the "invincible tycoon" WeChat , is taking the No. 1 position on the App Store Vietnam According to the latest survey, Zalo ranked No. 2 , only after Facebook on the number of users by 3G, which shows that Zalo is the only domestic OTT among the top OTT loved by 3G users.

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Can point out some outstanding features, and can also be considered as the reason for success of Zalo as follows:

  • Free messaging is extremely fast and extremely stable.
  • Compatible with current phone operating systems, even Symbian and Nokia. This helps expand the customer base, not only in Vietnam.
  • Connect well with rich Zing , Facebook , and "free " social networks.
  • Perfectly suited to Vietnamese users.
  • Continuous updates to improve product quality.
  • High community interaction, helps Zalo quickly spread in the user community.

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No one, not even Zalo 's 'father' could suspect that, in such a short time, his 'child' could be so successful. Perhaps, it is through perseverance, the power of faith and the desire to win, that a product that once stood on the brink of victory over the giants and brought the people of Vietnam closer to the dream of property. Domestic technology products will be on par, even surpassing similar products of the world, which no one dares to think about, until Zalo does it.

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