500-year-old mummies are intact

8 Inuit mummies, including adults and children, are the most intact mummies ever discovered in North America.

8 mummies including adults and children Inuit is said to be the most intact ever discovered in North America.

Hunters found eight mummies with their skin, nails, and hair in an Inuit abandoned camp in Qilakitsoq, Greenland, in 1972. Scientists believe the mummification process took place naturally due to the extremely cold climate. of this place. They said the Inuit group died around 1475.

Picture 1 of 500-year-old mummies are intact
Two of the 500-year-old mummies are on display at a museum in Greenland.(Photo: Sun).

Among the mummies were two children and six adult women. Some even carry tattoos on their forehead and chin. The mummies were placed in two tombs about a meter away. Mummies are stacked on top of each other, in between are layers of animal skin.

This group of Inuit still wear warm leather and fur coats when buried. Experts found a total of 78 pieces of seal skin, reindeer and other animals.

The most shocking thing was that a 6-month-old baby seemed to be buried alive. According to the ancient Inuit customs, if the mother died, the child would have to be buried, whether the child was alive or dead. This is to ensure they will go to the afterlife like a family.

Through decades of research, scientists have not been able to determine the cause of death of the Inuit group. Currently four of them are on display at the National Museum of Greenland, Nuuk.

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