A 2,600-year-old girl's tomb reveals the 'virgin warriors'

When excavated in 1988 in the Republic of Tuva, a country bordering with Russia and Mongolia, the ancient tomb with a partially mummified remains is believed to be that of a young man.

But recently, scientists from the Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology (Russia) decided to analyze the genetic mummy mentioned above, and discovered they were holding the body of a young girl.

Picture 1 of A 2,600-year-old girl's tomb reveals the 'virgin warriors'
Close-up of the mysterious remains of a 13-year-old girl with burial objects - (photo: Vladimir Semyonov).

The girl is only 12-13 years old, with a warrior's body and a wart on her face. She wore a leather hat, a fluffy fur coat and a fur made from a native rodent called jerboa. The remains were partially embalmed and buried with a complete set of weapons, including bows made from birch wood, 10 wooden arrows and a long-handled ax.

She was identified as a native Scythian warrior , in accordance with the records of the ancient Greek doctor Hippocrates (460-370 BC) about the powerful and ruthless Scythian warriors present at the time. there. According to him, most of them are virgins, talented at archery and throwing javelin, as well as extremely good melee ability.

Picture 2 of A 2,600-year-old girl's tomb reveals the 'virgin warriors'
The location of the remains: Saryg-Bulun of the Republic of Tuva - (photo: DAILY MAIL).

Young women must remain virginal until they kill at least 3 enemies, and do not get married until performing all the sacred rituals involved in battle. These virgin warriors are likened to the real life version of the "Amazon warriors" - legends of women in legend.

The cause of the death of the young lady in this particular ancient tomb has not been determined, but it is probably because of fighting. Therefore, she was buried in the ritual of a warrior.

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