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Picture 1 of Add a mystery discovery As early as 1959, the notion of a special bond of water was introduced - that is, the association of water molecules together forming a round, rounded shape, similar to a soccer ball. There are also hollow cavities as large as water molecules, or of some feces from gas, including methane.

Not long ago, two Russian scientists - Vushoski and Korninova studied the energy properties needed to translate free molecules of water from a non-bound state into hollow cavities and vice versa.

The results show that the structure of water can be adjusted - that is, the number of free molecules of water in hollow cavities by the action of pressure, temperature and magnetic fields.

So this "charged" water will remain that structure for a long time.

Under natural conditions, hollow cavities in the multilateral water molecule structure can contain natural gas molecules and form crystalline hydrates.

Crystalline hydrates that we often encounter in permafrost, ocean and ocean bottom are the carbohydrates of methane. It looks like new snowfall, in principle it can be used as a secondary fuel, but on the other hand it is very dangerous to life on Earth.

Since 1988 British geologist - Ben Klernel has concluded that the cause of the disappearance left no trace of ships and planes in the Bemuda triangle waters that are the carbohydrates of the gas. this methane. Under the impact of rising ground heat and other factors, methane gas is extracted from crystalline hydrates to form giant bubbles under the seabed mud.

These bubbles, when encountering a small impact, such as the whale's disturbance . these gases will escape from the sea surface. Then it would grab the ship and sink it into a giant funnel-shaped whirlpool.

Air masses that form and escape from the surface of the sea can explode when rubbed with air and cause death of flying aircraft.

Australian scientists - Dzoseph Monagan and Devid Mei conducted experiments on seabed samples in a water tank with the simulation of an electronic calculator, showing the probability of accidents that cause as mentioned above. is quite big.

The same release of methane from crystalline hydrates and then burning in the air can also occur and lead to mysterious accidents in the future.

The special danger for the planet is the warming of the Earth's climate by the excessive release of carbon monoxide gas into the atmosphere. Destroying the ecological balance as a result of human activities will accelerate the process of extracting methane in the crystal hydrate under the ocean floor and lead to unpredictable consequences for life on Earth. .

The first of mankind's attempts to limit the bouncing process of nature - that is the birth of the Kyoto Treaty to prevent the release of carbon into the Earth's atmosphere.

Duy Khanh

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