Airbus is developing a drone interception system around the airport

The Airbus Defense and Space Research Unit (Aerospace and Defense) has introduced an anti-drone system with a distance of 5-10km.

An estimated 1 million drone was sold during the holiday shopping season in the United States. With such large quantities of drone sold, it is prone to risk to military bases, power plants or airports.

Because of that concern, Airbus' Defense and Space Research Division has developed a new drone blocking system from a distance of 5 to 10 kilometers.

Picture 1 of Airbus is developing a drone interception system around the airport
The system uses a combination of camera, radar and navigational instruments to determine the target of the emitter and determine the potential risk.

Executives can compare data from a set of hazards and analyze in real time to intervene in the control signal between the drone and its owner. Next, a navigation device plays the role of detecting the location of the drone operator.

Airbus Defense and Space's Smart Responsive Jamming technology ensures that only signals used to control drone are interfered while nearby frequencies are unaffected. This jamming technology is even designed to detect drone and gain control if necessary.

Depending on the configuration, Airbus Defense and Space said it would soon release a remote drone system by mid-year.

This system of Airbus Defense and Space is similar to some other drone systems including DroneDefender and Anti-UAV Defense Systems (BLS) of Blighter Surveillance Systems.