America: Found huge lobster land never seen

An employee of the Kentucky Water Supply and Sewerage Company recently found the largest, largest earth lobster ever.

Recently, one of the noteworthy information is that lobster land is likely to be introduced into Vietnam. This is considered a very dangerous invasive species. They threaten the natural environment, erasing many other organisms.

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The ground lobster was found to be 25cm long.

Last month a water company employee found a giant ground lobster at the water purification site at the BGMU Chestnut water plant, where water was taken from the Barren River.

Water is taken from the Barren River, flowing through the plant's filtration system, creating clean water for people. The lobster stuck and died in the water filter area.

According to American Wbir newspaper, this crayfish has a length of up to 25cm, a tremendous size.

Animals are currently stored for research purposes.

The sewer company worker then brought the raw baby lobster body to the West Kentucky University. Biology professor Steve Huskey is currently the owner of a giant lobster body.

Huskey then contacted the Illinois Natural History Museum, which has a collection of up to 90,000 crustaceans. Huskey said the ground lobster was discovered in an unexpected place that was more than 6mm longer than the largest ground lobster the museum kept.

'When I first saw it, I was completely overwhelmed,' said Huskey. 'It's really big size'.

The above lobster will still be kept at West Kentucky University in the next few months. Later, it was taken to a museum in Illinois for research by scientists.


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