Animals are easily confused

The name seahorses make people think of a real horse, guinea pig is actually a home-grown rat or how to call a big bat easily confused with the name of a fox.

1. Seahorse (Seahorse)

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The name of seahorses is easy to confuse a horse. However, seahorses only look a bit like real horses, have no feathers or different types of tails. Seahorses are actually a marine fish belonging to the genus Syngnathidae, including lime fish and blue sea dragons.

2. Starfish (Starfish)

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Starfish have no scales, no tails and cannot swim, so they cannot be classified as fish. This is an echinoderm that has a rough and multi-legged skin. Animals and echinoderms also have sea urchins and sea cucumbers.

3. Red panda (Red panda)

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Red pandas often climb high branches, eat bamboo leaves like the big pandas (giant panda). However, this is not an animal belonging to the panda family. Red pandas belong to the Ailuridae family, a small mammal native to the eastern Himalayan and southwestern China, shaped and acted like a North American bear. All animals with the closest relatives to them are extinct.

4. Guinea pig

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Guinea pig (guinea pig) is a type of mouse that is kept indoors. It is raised primarily in the US, but is also gradually becoming a popular dish in many South American countries. Guinea pig is a rodent species, native to the Andes of South America. The only common point of this rat species is that they are both mammals and have the same cry.

5. Prairie dog (Dog squirrel)

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Dog squirrels are mistakenly named animals like guinea pig mice. In fact, peairie dog squirrels are animals of rodents and do not share common characteristics with regular dogs. This animal only has the same sound as the bark of small dogs.

6. Flying fox (flying fox)

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Flying fox is a flying fox, but they are not the fox family, but the largest and least known bat species in the world. This bat is especially similar to the fox in reddish-brown fur.

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