Astronomical students discovered 4 new planets

A 22-year-old Canadian student suddenly discovered 4 new planets, of which two planets are about the same size as the Earth and a planet in the area could survive.

According to Tech Times, female student Michelle Kunimoto at the University of British Columbia (UBC), Canada, was assigned a data analysis exercise on the different light curves led by the Kepler Space Telescope of the US Aeronautics Agency NASA) collected. Kunimoto's mission is to find new information that researchers may miss.

Picture 1 of Astronomical students discovered 4 new planets
Compare the size of 4 planets discovered by Michelle Kunimoto with Neptune, Earth and Mercury.(Photo: UBC).

"The star is just a small dot, so I consider the light of the star decreasing every time a planet passes in front of it," Kunimoto said.

Jaymie Matthews, Kepler's board member and Kunimoto's astronomical professor at the university, said the researchers did not learn more about the information he gave Kunimoto because they often showed wrong results. However, Matthews is confident that the four planets that Kunimoto will find will soon be confirmed.

Picture 2 of Astronomical students discovered 4 new planets
Michelle Kunimoto and astronomy professor Jaymie Matthews.(Photo: Martin Dee).

Two of the four planets discovered by Kunimoto are about the same size as the Earth, while another is slightly larger than Mercury.Kepler Object of Interest (KOI) Wednesday , 408.05 , nearly as big as Neptune.

KOI-408.05 is the most noticeable planet because it is located in an area that can survive life from its parent star. This could be a potential candidate to find liquid water and signs of life beyond Earth. The planet is about 3,200 light-years from Earth. According to Kunimoto, around KOI-408.05 it is possible that some moons are larger than the planets of the solar system and most likely one of them contains a liquid water ocean.

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