Avo - The fish tank for busy people

Frequent cleaning of the aquarium or water in the continuous lake is a nuisance that many aquarists encounter.

The good news is that young designer Suzy Shelley at Loughborough University has created an Avo fish tank that she insists does not need to be cleaned or changed water, saving time and money.

Picture 1 of Avo - The fish tank for busy people
Avo Fish Pots.

The Avo Aquarium has a capacity of 15 liters and is equipped with technology that allows fish, plants, and bacteria to live together to form a miniature ecosystem. The advantage is that the system has a self-cleaning water purifier, so the owner does not need to be replaced. 'The toxic chemicals ammonia, nitrite and nitrate will be removed from the water, meaning you do not need to replace the water periodically,' ' Noux, the unit that produces and commercializes the product, added.

In addition, the Avo is equipped with a smart LED above the use of emitting light wavelengths suitable for environmental conditions to optimize the process of photosynthesis and development of aquatic plants, thereby promoting clean water.

Specifically, the lamp shines in light red in the morning, white in the day and blue in the night. The water temperature in the pot is maintained at 27 ° C so it is ideal for tropical fish.

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