Why can a 50-liter petrol tank flow to 56 liters?

Let's find out why the volume of fuel tank is published is 50 liters but you can pour more than 10 liters of gasoline.

Find out the real capacity of car fuel tanks

Recently, a clip of the car driver's earshot of a gas station employee when he thought the gas station had signs of fraud when his fuel tank capacity was 50 liters but filled up to 56 liters.

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The video immediately attracted the special attention of the online community and also caused many people to ask questions. Could the gas-rigged petrol or the gas tank contain 56 liters of gasoline - more than the manufacturer offered - 50 liters? Let's find the answer below.

We know that, whether it's cars or motorcycles, the fuel tank is one of the most important and dangerous parts on every car.

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Therefore, in order to ensure safety and good operation, the fuel tanks are designed to be thick and airtight and have a pipeline system from the hose to the engine to ensure the efficiency of supplying gasoline for the combustion process.

Along with that, because of ensuring safety, helping the car operate stably, without overflowing gasoline causing fire and explosion, the capacity of fuel tank is actually more often than the volume of fuel tank manufacturer. given . This difference can range from 2 to 10 liters.

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In addition, in each fuel tank is specified a certain level and people who refuel should not pour over this line. The reason is because liquids such as gasoline and oil expand due to strong heat.

If you fill a tank or overflow of gasoline, oil - not leaving an extra amount of space for the gas to expand will endanger both the user and the vehicle.

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However, when salespeople are asked to fill up normally, they try to pump full petrol to the guests, thus accidentally causing the petrol ink in the car to not reach the safe level and exceeding the amount of gasoline that the owner receives from the manufacturer. This leads to disputes between customers and gas station staff.

In addition, in some used car companies , in the design of car fuel tanks, there is usually a spare fuel tank for storage . For some reason, we have used up all the gasoline stored in the tank, so when gas is filled, gasoline will pump into that reserve - making the amount of gasoline purchased higher.

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Gasoline quality when pumping is also one of the factors affecting when you pump gasoline . Many people often recommend filling in the morning, avoiding noon and night because noon is the time when the temperature rises - causing the expansion of gasoline to increase.

The evening is the time when tank filling stations - the amount of new gasoline that comes into contact - will increase the amount of air, from which the gas counter increases because of the gas.

Therefore, it will not be difficult to understand when the fuel tank capacity of the man who is filling the gas tank is 50 liters but he can fill up to 56 liters.

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