Bill Gates wants to kill mosquitoes in chocolate and laser guns

After resounding success when leading Microsoft with a series of Windows versions considered

After the resounding success of leading Microsoft with a series of versions of Windows considered the "third revolution" of humanity in search of production materials, Bill Gates, the richest man in the world for many years in a row It has decided to invest in projects that look for innovative ways to kill mosquitoes in large numbers against malaria that are raging in poor countries.

Bill Gates funded billions to kill mosquitoes in chocolate and laser guns

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Photo: Ladder-culprit kills over 1 million people every year

Kill mosquitoes with chocolate, experiment with malaria with saliva

Recently, Bill Gates Charitable Fund decided to spend $ 100,000 to research with the hope of finding new ways to kill malaria. The first idea is to test the gum in saliva to identify malaria . This measure replaces the method of taking blood to try. The process does not hurt patients, the experiment does not require energy batteries or computers to operate as traditional methods.

In the immediate future, the experiment will be tested on children . The limitations of detecting malaria through saliva testing are not commonly used as indicators of malaria when we try it in the blood. This project is run by Andrew Fung, who specializes in testing projects against malaria, he does not hesitate to use Bill Gates' money on his ideas.

Steven Maranz, a researcher at Weill Cornell University of Medicine, has also been provided funding to study the effect of chocolate on parasites against malaria. Chocolate is considered a substance for research against malaria. This substance will bind to its cholesterol and circulation. Thanks to chocolate, the malaria parasites will eat the fats in the blood and when there are no fats, the parasites will starve. Professor Maranz wants to kill some parasites to help blood get antibodies against malaria.

Once intended to find some other method, but he thought, chocolate is the best way, because it has many elements known to be very safe . Chocolate when put into blood is made in liquid form, similar to hot chocolate. " This is a radical method " - the GS is optimistic. The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation will invest $ 100,000 for each of the 76 categories to address the world's problems.

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Photo: Chocolate is good for killing mosquito larvae

During the research process, when projects create signs of success will be granted an additional $ 1 million . These categories include support for creativity, global health challenges. Within 5 years, the Fund has always encouraged investment to achieve progress, focusing on methods to prevent infectious diseases such as HIV, malaria, infectious diseases that damage health, pneumonia . The Fund was established in 1984, and in the US, the fund focused on education, science on neurology and plastic science. The fund has disbursed about 2.8 billion USD. These projects also invited British scientists to participate.

Using a series of laser mosquito repellent

Recently, two US scientists, who have designed the White House ballistic anti-ballistic programs, have developed a gun that uses lasers to kill mosquitoes that cause malaria , the disease. Murder is quite common in Asia, Africa and other poor countries. As early as the 1980s, when the Cold War was at its climax, these American scientists had to submit to the idea of ​​designing missile shields that could block and kill insects and weapons. Biogas emitted from the aircraft of the enemy. Now that these projects are applied in the health field, when this device is successful, it is considered the "mass mosquito killer weapon" (WMD), the most powerful mosquito killing device. Mosquitoes are the culprit causing malaria, killing more than 1 million people a year worldwide.

The study is currently being conducted in the state of Seattle (USA) under the sponsorship of the Microsoft billionaire Bill Gates Charity Foundation. WMD is effective by using lasers protected by radio frequency waves, which create continuous power to break the mosquito's wings, burn these wings and kill mosquitoes quickly no matter which corner they are in. This device is clearly more effective than other chemicals or mosquito killer devices that are not harmful to health. This project was designed by famous celestial physicists Dr. Lowell Wood and Dr. Jordin Kare, who both wrote the script in "Star Wars" to create missile shields from here. against nuclear weapons during the Cold War.

Kare said: "Instead of creating arms races, we are committed to health programs that make people's lives healthier and longer ." The missile system against nuclear weapons between the US and the Soviet Union raced in the 1980s, it was initiated and enthusiastically supported by the late TT R. Reagan, but it was this project that was tried by the Senator Edward Kennedy blasphemed and said that it was difficult to come true.

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Bill Gates couple and African children

The idea of ​​using lasers to kill mosquitoes began with Nathan Myhrvold , a former senior executive of Microsoft, who runs the inventive company called Intellectual Ventures, which is now run and tested. Bill Gates' own decision has many new methods to fight malaria and it was Dr. Wood who participated and strongly supported the laser method. The work of inventing WMD is still ongoing.

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