Billions of cicadas will

Residents of the east coast of the United States will receive the recurring appearance of billions of cicadas cicadas, after 17 years of underground life.

According to scientists, between April and the end of May, the skies of Connecticut, Maryland, New Jersey, New York, North Carolina, Pennsylvania and Virginia will be full of cicadas looking for partners during mating season.

Cicadas cicadidae of Cicadidae family have an unusual life cycle and appearance. In the first 12 to 16 years of life, they live underground, taking nutrients from their roots to live and molt several times. By the last molting, they would crawl up on the ground and start searching for cicadas to 'date', lay eggs on the branches and hatch offspring.

Picture 1 of Billions of cicadas will
Billions of cicadas will appear in the sky
East coast of America this spring.

When the mating season ends, the mature cicadas will die, so that the cicadas continue their life cycle.

Cicadas live in large flocks, each living in each area. This year the Brook II herd appeared, the next year the Brood III cicadas would 'show up'. These cicadas often appear when the soil temperature reaches 17 degrees Celsius. The best way to know when a cicada appears is to review the history of the previous year or ask people who have lived for a long time locally.

'This cicada has a dark body, bright red eyes and bright red veins' - Craig Gibbs, an expert working at the Queen's Zoo at the Wildlife Protection Committee, said.

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