Bubble camera

The 'balloon' camera can help firefighters or fast-response team members like SWAT take full advantage of the scene they are approaching, to eliminate the risk of direct confrontation.

>>> Camera takes 1,000 billion images per second

The device, which is based on Boston-based Bounce Imaging, holds up to six cameras at 2 frames per second and sends them to a smartphone or laptop when the user throws the ball into the area. undefined.

Picture 1 of Bubble camera
The camera is designed according to the needs of SWAT teams, police or firefighters

Upon receiving the data, the software pre-installed in the receiver will synthesize the image and model it 360 degrees. The cameras will take photos in near-infrared light to build a panoramic view of the area despite light, according to NewScientist.com.

A member of the SWAT team said the camera is impressive because of its ease of use and low cost. For just a few hundred dollars, this device is cheaper than any imaging technology available on the market.

Bouncing cameras can save lives in the event a SWAT team is facing a suspect carrying a gun.

The device will be tested by SWAT teams and the Massachusetts Police Department in January next year, said Bounce Imaging founder Francisco Aguilar.

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