Scientists Develop Flexible Camera

The flexible camera can wrap around the subject to help capture the special angles that the current camera can not do.

A team of Columbia Engineering engineers has developed a flexible camera . The device uses flexible lenses that can change the optical properties when the camera is bent.

Picture 1 of Scientists Develop Flexible Camera
The camera uses flexible lenses that can change optical properties.

Although the size of the camera has been significantly reduced and the quality has been improved, the camera is expected to radically change the way it is recording. There will be many applications for this camera in reality.

With a laminate-like surface or plastic bracelet, the new camera can be applied to any surface or object. These objects may include street lamps, household objects, transportation or even clothing.

The new camera can flatten the credit card with a variety of unique and useful applications in the future.

Plastic cameras use two technologies that support each other. This is a series of plastic detectors and thin layers . Photographs will be due to the optical layer on the detector.

Currently, the development of this type of camera is still under development. Expected plastic cameras will be available in the near future.

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