China built a 10,000m deep diving expedition ship

The new manned submersible, built by China Shipbuilding Industry Group, will explore the deepest point of the world's oceans this year.

The device was assembled in March and is expected to have its first test trip next month. The ship is capable of diving 10,000 meters deep, with the goal of bringing scientists to the Challenger abyss in the Pacific Ocean, the southern part of the Mariana Trench.

Picture 1 of China built a 10,000m deep diving expedition ship
China's new deep-sea exploration ship is about to be put to the test. (Photo: CGTN).

According to Design Director Ye Cong, to dive to the deepest point of the Earth, the ship will be subjected to a pressure of up to 1,100 atmospheres, equivalent to 10,000 tons of force per square meter of area. This poses major challenges in the design and construction materials of submersibles.

The researchers said they removed the original petal design to build a spherical shell, which reduced the number of welds and significantly improved stability. The vessel is also added with floating materials to provide the necessary support during the dive.

"This project will demonstrate China's technological progress, as well as its ability to detect and research the ocean," Ye said.

The new submarine is not China's first manned deep-sea exploration device. In June 2012, the country's Jiaolong submarine set a world record when reaching a depth of 7,062 m below sea level. The second ship, the Shenhai Yongshi, also built by China Shipbuilding Industry Group, is capable of diving 4,500 meters deep.

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