China has new predictions about the end of the world

Chinese scientists predict that life on Earth will be destroyed, if the mysterious "dark energy" shatters our universe into pieces. Fortunately, this can only happen after 16.7 billion years.

Chinese scientists have come up with a hypothesis that dark energy, thought to account for up to 70% of the universe, will at some point destroy the entire universe. That means life on Earth is also completely destroyed.

Picture 1 of China has new predictions about the end of the world
The image illustrates the Earth being burned by dark energy.

Scientists from the University of Science and Technology, The Institute of Theoretical Physics Research, Northeast University and Peking University in China met in a meeting to discuss a bad scenario. worst about Apocalypse.

According to the scenario given by scientists, two months before the Apocalypse, the Earth will be separated from the orbit of the Sun. Later, the Moon was also pulled out of dark Earth's orbit by dark energy. The sun will be destroyed within 28 minutes and 16 minutes after which the Earth will also explode.

According to this theory, dark energy destroys everything along the way, but it takes up to 32.9 million years to destroy our entire universe. Another good news is that the end of the world scenario only happens after 16.7 billion years.

'We want to come up with a hypothesis about the Apocalypse of the Universe from current data. In the worst case scenario, the universe will survive at least 16.7 billion years before disappearing , 'scientists said on the Daily Mail.

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