Decipher the mystery of the ghost girl image

On November 19, 1995, Tony O'Rahilly photographed a fire that destroyed Wem Town Hall, Shropshire County. After the film, he discovered a girl's face.

Tony, an amateur photographer, immediately sent film images to the Scientific Research Association for Anomalies. They forwarded the photograph and film to Professor Vernon Harrison, former president of the Royal Photographic Society of England. By analyzing both the photograph and the negative image, Professor Vernon was pleased with the conclusion that it had not been altered. 

Picture 1 of Decipher the mystery of the ghost girl image
Picture ghost girl wearing an ancient costume, standing in the middle of the fire, staring into the camera lens. (Photo: SWNS).

"The negatives show that this is a completely black and white photo, with no signs of being tampered with , " Vernon said.

However, this expert still considers the possibility that the image of the little girl is only an illusion of light, created by smoke, fire and shadow created at the moment the photographer pressed the button.

Tony, who died in 2005, insists he has never edited his "Ghost of Wem" photo . And the work was famous throughout the newspapers in the world in 1995. Even, the residents of Wem town also said that it was the ghost of Jane Churm, a 14-year-old girl, accidentally set fire to the town hall. in 1677 by dropping a candle. Since then, people have been blowing rumors about the town being haunted by ghost Jane Jane.

15 years later, the mystery of "The Ghost Wem" is revealed. In 2010, Brian Lear, a reader of Shropshire Star , discovered the similarity between a girl standing on the streets of Wem in a 1922 postcard, with an image of Tony.

"I was surprised to see that she had some similarities to the girl called" the ghost of Wem. " The dress and headwear seemed to be the same," Brian said.

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The postcard captures the town of Wem in 1922. (Image: SWNS)

"The postcard is proof that the photo is a scam ," said Greg Hobson, an image specialist with the National Media Museum in Bradford . I think we can say the mystery has been solved. answers".

Greg said that Tony has used photography techniques since the time of Emperor Edward. The magician called souls must take photos of the souls of the deceased to create trust with customers. Initially, they will ask guests to provide a photo of the deceased to take photos in a closed room.

When customers return to seek advice from the deceased, the image "soul" is somewhat displayed on a glass plate. After that, the magician will take more photos of the customer and show up with the same glass, creating a picture as if capturing the moment when the deceased's soul visits during the field. 

Despite evidence that the photo was false, Tom Edwards, a local historian, trusted Tony. "He always insists the photo is original, and I trust him" .

The story of "Ghost of Wem" is also circulated as a unique feature of the town. When the new town hall was completed, a sign was written about "The Ghost of Wem" , and Wem later became known as the " Ghost Town" - attracting hundreds of visitors every year to learn about the super phenomenon. course.

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