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Indoor plants are a less expensive solution, bringing fresh air to our living space.

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Cacti have 24 - 220 genera, depending on the source, there are 1,500 to 1,800 species. Planting Cacti in a room or working will create a fresh and healthy atmosphere because at night the trees release many natural negative ions which are necessary for human body cells, especially the elderly, suitable with feng shui.

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Hoang Tam Diep is a very easy to grow tree, which helps reduce ozone levels inside the home, carbon dioxide extraction is very effective (75%) and sucks other substances such as benzene, toluene, formalhelyde from office equipment. .

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The spider-string tree has a long stem, the end of the wire is a small white star-shaped flower, resembling a green leaf or white-striped green leaves, just need to water when the soil is really dry, just live under the shade or in the sun. Spider wire has an effective formaldehyde filtering function.

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Stone flowers are also one of the healthiest ornamental plants, suitable for you to keep in your home or office.

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Aloe Tree, also known as Aloe Vera, Long Tu is a species of Aloe vera, native to North Africa. You should choose this plant to eliminate odors in new homes.

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Lan Tail Tiger is also known with many different names such as Lan Da Ho, Lan Van Tue, Nanh Heo. Clumping leaves, orchid roots, 2-6 leaves growing into bunches. Leaves with needle-shaped leaves are large and erect, with horizontal stripes like tiger skin, so Lan da tiger is called. This is one of the best plants to clean the air and absorb light, does not require much care and the function of filtering formaldehyde is extremely effective in the air.

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