Discover mysterious underground structures in Russia

The newly discovered underground structure in Russia may be part of the ancient fortress of Naryn-Kala, a UNESCO cultural heritage located in the town of Derbent in the Republic of Dagestan, southern Russia.

It is said to be one of the oldest Christian churches in the world and Russia's oldest Christian temple .

The study was conducted by Russian researchers from the National University of Science and Technology (MISIS) in cooperation with Dagestan National University, Lebedev Institute of Physics, Russian Academy of Sciences and Institute of Nuclear Physics Skobeltsyn of Moscow University.

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Mysterious structure images in Russia.

Scientists used radioactive imaging to scan a 12-meter-deep structure in the northwest of Naryn-Kala fortress dating from around 300 AD.

The goal of conducting a scan will help scientists determine the 3D configuration of the structure. So far, the function of the building is still not well understood. It could be a reservoir, a Christian temple or a Zoroastrian temple, according to the information published on the MISIS website.

The researchers expected to take at least two months to complete the scan after they placed the detector about 10 meters inside the structure and made meticulous measurements of what is now UNESCO's cultural heritage.

The leading expert of MISIS, Natalia Polukhina is currently quite optimistic about the theory that this is a reservoir to explain the function of this structure.

"It seems strange for me to explain this building is a water tank . In the same Naryn-Kala fortress, there is a similar underground structure, 10 meters deep. This unusual structure in which they are I placed the detector, with a cross shape, its direction perfectly suited to the four directions with a side longer than 2 meters from the other sides, ' the archaeologists stressed.

Meanwhile, scientists have agreed to make a more detailed analysis in the future, to get full-size 3D images of mysterious buildings that they say will shed more light on how to use them. this building.

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