The 4,000-year mysterious village lies underground in China

The underground houses are always warm in winter, cool in summer and fully equipped.

This is one in Henan Province, China. Over 4,000 years ago, more than 10,000 households here only live underground.

Currently, the number of people residing in the village is about 3,000 people, the rest have moved to modern cities. Rectangular or square houses are dug deep in the ground. The room temperature in these houses in winter can be down to 10 degrees C.

Picture 1 of The 4,000-year mysterious village lies underground in China
Over 4000 years, the households here only live underground.

Duong Lac Nhien, a person who lives in this village, said that her home is still very comfortable from the past: 'In the winter it is warm and the summer is cool. Living in an underground house is very pleasant . ' Each house is usually about 6 meters deep underground.

This village is also a frequent tourist destination for Chinese tourists. They came here to take photos, take pictures, even ask for a night's sleep to enjoy the strange feeling. The oldest house here is over 200 years old and has 6 generations each living together.

In 2011, the underground village was recognized by China as a cultural heritage and is being preserved. Chinese media call this 'the most mysterious village in the country'.

Houses deep in the earth come from the Bronze Age and became popular, especially during the Ming and Qing periods. Today, more modern homes with full electricity and water.

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