Discover the famous 'Michelin star' in the culinary industry

Restaurants around the world strive for the prestigious Michelin star – So what is a Michelin star and why is it so important?

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The Michelin brand was originally famous for its tires. In 1889, in Clermont-Ferrand, central France, brothers Andre and Edouard Michelin founded the Michelin tire company, with a foresight of the French automobile industry at a time when there were less than 3,000 cars in the country. . Indeed, later on, Michelin developed and became a big name in this field.

The Paris-based company is also famous for its annual Michelin Guide. Michelin began publishing guidebooks in Europe in 1900 to encourage new drivers to take trips to local attractions. Part of the Michelin Guide, which includes anonymous reviews of European restaurants, focusing on the quality and taste of the food served, as well as the mastery of culinary techniques demonstrated and unique. of cuisine. 

Initially, the Michelin Guide only included a list of hotels in Paris and a list of restaurants by specific categories. The value of the manual gradually increases with the expanded scope of assessment. The Michelin brothers recruit a mysterious group of diners who visit and review restaurants. In 2005, restaurants in the US qualified for the first time to win a Michelin star.

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The Michelin star is now seen by many of the world's top chefs as the hallmark of fine dining – not to mention the restaurant's patrons. The Michelin star is not easy to obtain and it is awarded to the best restaurants in each specific city in the handbook. Restaurants that receive stars gain popularity, prestige, and honor. Many restaurateurs also see their business become more profitable after winning a Michelin star (while some losers experience the opposite). 

Today, Michelin publishes guidebooks annually for 23 countries and many major cities around the world. In the US, the Michelin Guide is available for New York City, Chicago and San Francisco.


Restaurants can receive 1 to 3 Michelin stars and it is important to know that even winning one Michelin star is considered a great honor. 1 star review is not to criticize the restaurant's dishes but to praise them. 

The star rating is determined as follows:

  1. One star: The restaurant is rated as very good but still has some limitations. Restaurants of this type have quality menus and prepare dishes to a uniformly high standard, but may lack the unique element to keep customers coming back again and again. 
  2. Two stars: The restaurant has great food and is served in a unique way. This restaurant has an exceptional service to offer and is worth a visit when traveling. 
  3. Three stars: The restaurant has excellent cuisine and deserves a visit on a special trip. It can be said that this type of restaurant is not simply an ordinary stopover on the trip, but really a destination. The restaurant serves individual dishes prepared to perfection.

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Michelin reviewers (also known as 'inspectors') are completely anonymous and must share a passion for food and a keen eye for small details. They are prohibited from talking to journalists and encouraged to keep their work secret, even from close family members. 

When an inspector visits a restaurant, they will write a comprehensive report on the dining experience here, including factors such as food quality, culinary layout, and cooking techniques ( while ignoring aspects such as decor, table setting and service quality). The inspectors then discuss the reviews together and decide which restaurants will receive the prestigious Michelin star.