Discovered 2 ancient lakes under the surface of Mars

Scientists have discovered two ancient reservoirs that once flowed deep below the surface of Mars.

"A lot of people try to learn about Mars's water history. Like where does water come from? How long does it stay in the Martian crust? What can water tell us about the process of formation and development?" development of Mars? " , says scientist Jessica Barnes from the University of Arizona.

Picture 1 of Discovered 2 ancient lakes under the surface of Mars
Recent research indicates that there are two ancient lakes on Mars.(Photo: NASA).

Barnes and colleagues examined the hydrogen isotopes present in the rocks collected on the Red Planet and found that two different types of Martian volcanic rocks contain water with different hydrogen isotopes.

Analysis published in this journal Nature Geoscience shows that Mars has the ability to receive water from at least two different sources in history.

The change the studies found seems to indicate that Mars, unlike Earth or Moon, does not have a magma ocean that completely covers the planet.

In June 2019, the US space and space agency (NASA) revealed that they had found two rock samples, called "Aberlady" and "Kilmarie" containing the highest amount of clay minerals ever found.

Because clay is often formed in water, NASA scientists believe it could be a sign of an ancient lake on the Red Planet.

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