Traces of the same alien alien herd on Mars

Satellite images show traces of zigzag dunes like deep flocks on the surface of Mars.

Picture 1 of Traces of the same alien alien herd on Mars
Sand dunes on the surface of Mars.(Photo: NASA).

Recent photographs of the Martian surface show that large sand dunes that look like deep flocks appear in Hellas basin, believed to be where life can exist, the Daily Star reported today.

Photo taken by the Mars probe (MRO). Sand dunes are crescent-shaped, like those seen on the desert surface on Earth.

Cosmologists have studied the Martian atmosphere for decades, believing that this is where life can exist.

The scars on Mars's scorched surface make the hunters of Unidentified Flying Objects (UFOs) believe that an ancient civilization once dominated the planet.

However, the US Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) claims it is just dunes that accumulate from sediments in the crater or plain areas created from huge craters. NASA said these dunes also appeared in the eastern part of Mars.

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