Discovered wreck carrying 6,000 jars of ancient wine

Roman shipwrecks carrying thousands of almost intact two straps containing wine and food.

Picture 1 of Discovered wreck carrying 6,000 jars of ancient wine
Baskets of wine dropped from the wreck.(Photo: Sun).

The freighter was discovered off the Greek island of Kefalonia, possibly revealing new information about the shipping routes of Roman merchants around the Mediterranean. The researchers found the wreck using sonar. They published their findings in the journal Archaeological Science.

The wreck is located near the fishing port of Fiskardo on the north coast of Kefalonia Island, dating from the 1st century BC to the 1st century. "The ship was buried almost half the bottom of the sediment, so we hope. Part or all of the wooden locomotives were found during future excavations , " said George Ferentino, head of the research team at Patras University in Greece.

This is one of the 4 largest wrecks found in the Mediterranean Sea. The team estimates the ship is 34m long and 13m wide with a cargo space of 30m x 12m. According to them, the ship carried about 6,000 jars, the typical Roman amphora with a long narrow neck.

The location of the ship's discovery indicates Fiskardo was an important port in ancient times. Fiskardo Port may be an important landing point on the Roman trade route. Goods such as grain, wine, oil and olive were shipped around the ports in the Mediterranean before reaching the final destination of Rome. Researchers have yet to decide whether or not to take the wreck up from the sea floor.

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