Discovered 900 bottles of hundred-year-old wine on the bottom of the sea

100-year bottles of liquor brought up from the S / S Kyros steamship in the waters between Sweden and Finland, can still be drunk.

Ocean X Team and iXplorer expedition brought up 900 bottles of wine from S / S Kyros wreck at a depth of 77m, Fox News today reported. These wines, including cognac De Haartman & Co and Benedictine liqueur (liqueur) , are still likely to be used.

Picture 1 of Discovered 900 bottles of hundred-year-old wine on the bottom of the sea
Expedition team member and bottle of wine brought up from wreck S / S Kyros.(Photo: Ocean Explorer).

The S / S Kyros steam ship was sunk by the German ship in the Baltic in May 1917 with the reason of transporting some contraband goods. The crew was transferred to another ship and taken back to Sweden. The ship then brought about 50 casks of cognac and another 15 casks to the last Russian Tsar.

Experts discovered the wreck in 1999. It was damaged by fishing nets."The moment when we found great bottles of wine. It took 20 years for this historic treasure to be brought up. Many bottles are still in good condition, but we will conduct a full analysis , " said Dennis Asberg, Ocean X Team spokesman, said. The expedition not only helped find rare bottles of cognac and liqueur but also revealed a part of the history of the Russian empire, Ocean X Team said.

Experts also obtained a leather pouch containing the German Luger pistols and bullets. If more pistols are found under the wreck, they may be sneaking into Russia because they are not on the cargo manifest.

S / S Kyros plans to depart in December 1916 from France, via Sweden to Russia. However, the dense ice in the Bothnia Sea between Sweden and Finland caused the train to postpone to next year. The sinking of the S / S Kyros occurred shortly after the abdication of Tsar Nicholas II, ending more than 300 years of Romanov's reign over Russia. Nicholas II abdicated on March 15, 1917, after the February Revolution. He and his family were killed on July 17, 1918.

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