Do you know about the unwanted harms of LEDs?

Currently, LEDs are so popular that we can see LEDs everywhere, however, this causes unintended damage .

has increased worldwide due to the popularity of energy-saving LEDs. However, the problem is not because of these lights. The problem is that the world is getting brighter as LEDs are coming to places where we used to need lights. And this causes environmental damage. The findings published in Science Advances report that the area of ​​outdoor surfaces illuminated by artificial lights is growing at a rate of 2.2% per year from 2012 until 2016.

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More and more places are lit at night.

"The development of the bright side mainly takes place in South America, Africa and Asia". Information extracted from the night light analysis report using radiometer. The physicist and lead author of the report, Chris Kyba, said: "We are lighting up places where we did not light up before." Researchers noted a rare decline in devastated war sites like Syria and Yemen; while Italy, the Netherlands, Spain and the United States, the brightest spots in the world, are constantly being lit in a stable way.

When there is too much light there is a risk of some new problems. The report points out that artificial light emission into the environment will "continue to increase, eroding parts of land with normal night-day lighting cycles. This is very worrying due to artificial light. is an agent of environmental pollution ". The report also cited an external study that showed the harmful effects of light pollution on the types of animals, plants and microorganisms that live at night. People also worry that artificial light can also affect human health. Light affects the human being and affects the sleep cycle. When people lack sleep, many other health problems like,, and.

"Many people are using light at night without thinking about the consequences , " said Franz Holker, co-author of the report. Holker admits that since he discovered this problem, he has completely changed the way he uses light at night.

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