Elephant seals help study the Antarctic bottom

Scientists have attached the touch seal on the heads of elephant seals, used to collect and provide important data as they swim near the ocean floor in Antarctica.

Picture 1 of Elephant seals help study the Antarctic bottom
Elephant seals are attached with touch seals on their heads - (Photo: Reuters)

Scientists have attached sensors weighing about 100-200 grams on the top of 20 elephant seals, and deployed exploration in the eastern South Antarctic region. Each sensor has a satellite answering device, which helps to collect collected data and send information to scientists every 10 minutes.

Scientists at Tasmania's CRC Center for Climate and Ecological Studies say that where elephant seals swim to an area where no ship can reach.

The existence of the 'water at the bottom of the Antarctic' is known for a long time (this is a deep, deep water layer near the ocean floor), the effects of this layer of water will significantly affect the flow of the oceans. world.

Guy Williams - ACE CRC's ice expert, co-author of the project study - said the new research will help scientists better assess changes, providing clues to gas change models. post-world.